Ah, the questions one gets asked when you become a new author. What’s your book about? What genre is it? What do you like to write? How long have you been writing? All of these are common, especially when people find out how old I am. Then the questions turn to. Really? You’re only 23? That’s so young! And wouldn’t you know I just love hearing that? (Not really) 😉 I think the most interesting thing is that, more than asking me what my book is about, or how this happened, people are simply surprised that one of my books is being published. I get that wide eyed look, the two hesitant blinks that say they’re processing what I said while carefully observing me. I’m not sure what they expect to see, but I find it amusing that people believe I should be older.

Because you see, the thing is, for me I’ve been writing for thirteen years. Of course, no one considered my ten year old story writing as serious writing. But that’s how long I’ve been working towards this goal, that’s how long I’ve been writing, learning and developing. Thirteen years I’ve dedicated my heart to this, to putting stories on paper, to creating characters. Yes, I’m an introvert. Probably the best introvert I know, not sure any of my current friends could beat me at it. My characters become my friends, because my heart and soul, my thoughts, belong to them. I always joke that I write so I don’t have to speak. Well, in some ways it’s very true. I don’t speak very well, but when I write, what I want to say comes out so clearly, just the way I wanted.

But what I’ve struggled with lately is the questions. Some of them, not always so flattering.  I wish I could say that, when I say my book is being published, people turned around with wide eyes and said, “Oh my! Congrats! What’s it about?” Not that I haven’t gotten that, of course I have. But here are the questions that have bugged me the most.

  1. What? Really? How did that happen?
  2. Wait, how old are you again?
  3. Don’t you need to have gone to college to get something published?
  4. You were homeschooled right?
  5. Have you been taking classes on the side or something?

Maybe it’s just the curse of being an introvert, of being shy and quiet. But I suppose a lot of people never really took what I was doing seriously, or maybe they thought it was just a side thing of mine, a hobby that wouldn’t go anywhere. At least, not until I was older and more experienced. It took awhile, but now when I think about these questions, I laugh a little. It kind of amazes me that people practically turn around and say to me I thought you had to work really hard to get published! when that’s exactly what I’ve been doing all these years. All those years I carried a journal, taking down ideas that popped into my head, everyone just disregarded it. I swear, everyone thought I was just doing it for fun. No one actually believed I was already trying to build something that would become my career.

You remember that compassionate smile I talked about in my blog post Dreams DO Come True? It still haunts me. I don’t think anyone outside my family actually believed that I would get this far (at least not this soon). But I learned that as long as I believe in myself, I can do anything. Literally, anything. I don’t think a lot of people believe that, but if writing stories of faith, hope and love have taught me anything, it’s taught me that what once seemed impossible, can become possible in just one moment. All you have to do is have faith, no matter what judgment might come your way.

And as for the questions…ask away! Because I’ve come to realize that I LOVE answering! Not that I wouldn’t prefer your questions be about my book, but as an author, I want you to get to know me! I want to share my journey! So ask me anything you want! And thanks for reading. 🙂


One thought on “Questions

  1. This post made me laugh, feel tears, grin and bean with pride. Keep sharing! I love it and so many will benefit from it. Go baby! You’re not just my little author now. You’re you, Erica Marie Hogan, AUTHOR!!

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