Dreams DO Come True

Since I was a little girl I wanted to write. I’ve been writing stories since I was ten, always with the dream of being published prominent in my mind. That’s thirteen years I’ve been learning about writing, actually writing and improving my writing. Sometimes it felt like being published was SO FAR AWAY. Like the times I would enter and lose writing contests. Or some of the brutal criticism I would receive from the judges of those contests. That was never easy and at times I even thought maybe I should stop, maybe this wasn’t what I was supposed to do. But then my mind would begin racing with new characters and compelling stories that I just couldn’t put aside and forget about. So I started reading, and discovered that with reading came an even deeper desire to write, to be like the authors I admired.

The thing about dreams is that the world will tell you they don’t really come true. The world sometimes looks at you with a compassionate smile that clearly says, “Aww, she’s sweet and that’s a cute dream that will probably never come true”. At one time, I let those smiles get to me and doubt would creep its way back into my mind and heart. But then my characters would draw me back into their world and I would remember that this was where life had led me and this was what my heart desired. If God didn’t want me to write, then why was I miserable when I wasn’t writing? Why was it that, when I was away from my computer, all I wanted to do was run back home and write? This was serious, this was real and I pushed through.

Writing isn’t just something I enjoy, it’s what I was meant to do. This is what I do and it’s who I am. A month ago something happened that changed my life forever. It all started with an email I almost didn’t send. But choosing to click ‘send’ set in motion a whirlwind of events that felt like a dream. It proved to me that you never know how the people in your life–even those who have been right under your nose but you didn’t know they were there–can hold the key to the door of your dreams. Thanks to that email, I set foot on the path to publication. I had no idea that sending that email, which I viewed as simple, just a few words of encouragement to a fellow writer, would get me where I am today.

I have signed a publishing contract! Saying that out loud takes my breath away. I have been in love with writing for so many years and I’m looking forward to falling even deeper in love with what I do as I continue on this road of publication. I also look forward to getting to know my future readers and I hope they love my stories and characters as much as I do! My life changed in a matter of minutes one hot afternoon in June, and I have never been more grateful to learn that dreams really DO come true!!


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