Real Love

This has been an exciting week for me. My sister is getting married on Monday! I can hardly believe it’s happening so fast! These past few days I have been getting to know her fiancé’s wonderful family and I can’t help thinking back on the twenty-three years I had with my only sister. There are so many memories that keep popping into my head and my heart is so full. 

As you can imagine my writing has taken a more romantic turn this passed week. I have jumped into the second book in my series and all I can think about is the love story of my new character. She has yet to meet the love of her life and I can’t wait for that scene to come! My sister and her fiancé are a true inspiration to me. You only need to watch them together to know how much they love each other. It warms my heart to see what God has done in their lives. But more than that it’s coming face to face with real love that floods my heart with happiness for them. Every girl wants a romance, and they have that, of course. But I see in them the kind of love that has God at the center. That shines a light around them that everyone can see. 

As this wedding approaches I see, more and more, God working in all our lives. This is a moment that my family has prayed for, for many years. Now that it’s upon us it’s an even greater blessing than we could have possibly imagined. 2015 has seen so many dreams fulfilled for our family. We are so blessed. 

My dear sister, Denise, thank you for being who you are. Thank you for being my big sister, for supporting me and loving me even when I wasn’t loveable. You and James are my greatest inspiration, and I am so thankful for the both of you. May God bless you richly as you begin your life together.


One thought on “Real Love

  1. So eleqently written Miss Erica, I’m so happy for you & your family!!! Praying for blessings of the Lord on your sisters marriage to James , that they continue to remain together with the Lord as their center and not fall to the pressures of this life. I think I’ve meet Denise once before at church, she is so lovely and so are you, both beautiful inside and out. She’s gonna make a beautiful bride. Can’t wait to see pictures . I love the ones you’ve posted so far, very lovely. I hope to see you again sometime, I miss you at church. Prayers for a perfect Monday, and safe travels back home. Love and blessings .

    In Christ Alone, Rachael

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