Welcome Back!

Hello everyone!

In case you hadn’t noticed, By the Book has a new face! After a couple of years of silence, I decided it was time for a change. By the Book needed to be reborn, and the old background simply wasn’t me anymore. While I would like to keep the old themes of the blog going (book reviews, etc.) By the Book is going to take a new direction with its posts as well. There will be a review occasionally here and there, but I will be posting once a week and we will talk about writing, my journey in my writing career, life and God’s blessings.

I am so excited to start over with this blog at this point in my writing career. I’ll be sharing news of my progress in the writing industry here and will share my love for history and research, two things that have been essential in my writing journey. God has blessed me so much in recent days and He continues to show His love for our family in many different ways.

I hope you will join me as I move forward towards my ultimate goal. If the year 2015 has shown me anything, it’s shown me that dreams really do come true. The events of the past few weeks have proven that to me. I know there will be moments of frustration, but God is watching over me and guiding my steps as I move forward towards the fulfillment of my dreams.

Thank you for reading!


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