Of Love, Prisons & Death

Warning: This review contains spoilers. If you have not read the first two books, you may not want to continue.

Aoife Grayson. Gateminder. Half Breed Fae/Human. Wanted by all. Captive of her enemy. Destined to go mad from iron poisoning. Lost without the love of her life.

This has become Aoife Grayson. This defines the girl who risked everything, who lost so much, to try to right the wrongs of her not so distant past. Who opened the gates to the Old Ones, creatures of the sky who will destroy the world, just to get her mother back. The girl who will cross over into the land of the Dead on the chance that she can bring back the boy she loves. But Aoife is trapped in the Thorn Land where her mother, Nerissa, resides as the Winter Queen’s sister and Tremaine watches of her with a threatening hand. Where Aoife hoped she would find the answers she needed to bring Dean back from the dead…but where her mother refuses to speak of the chance she told her of before they came here.

What a fabulous conclusion to an incredible series! In The Mirrored Shard, Caitlin Kittredge opened up yet another new, frightening and fascinating world. Aoife grows with each passing moment of her journey in all three books. But in this one, Aoife faces devastation that she’d never truly faced before. Aoife will get Dean back, no matter what she has to do. But to do so requires making another deal that could bring even more destruction to her already falling apart world.

The Mirrored Shard was much shorter than the first two books, but it was no less exciting and compelling. Aoife never stops searching for ways to get Dean back from the dead. But her search continues to lead her straight into the arms of trouble it seems. Conrad banishes her from Graystone and their comatose father’s side, she and Cal are taken prisoner in San Francisco and thrown into Alcatraz (a prison that not only holds supposed terrorists, but runs torture experiments on ghouls, trying to bend them to the will of humans) and in Chinatown, Aoife has more run-in’s with the brotherhood and with a fake medium who drugs her, Conrad and Cal in an attempt to steal from them. Aoife has quickly discovered that nothing she wants comes free, everyone has an angle, everyone has their price. In The Mirrored Shard we truly see how the recent events of her life have hardened Aoife. But at the end of this book, Aoife is no longer a child rushing after her own desires. She refuses to bend to the will of her enemies, even if they do threaten the people that she loves.

Aoife finally realizes that she truly loves Dean and that without him, she is nothing. I loved how the author developed Aoife’s feelings. She realizes in this book that she really has always loved Dean and that she needs him more than anyone in the world. It’s true that you never realize how much you love someone until they’re suddenly no longer in your life. Even when everyone around her is telling her that she will never be able to get Dean back, no matter what Nerissa says, Aoife can’t and won’t believe them. But when she herself finally begins to believe that they’re right, the overwhelming devastation fully sinks in. But Aoife still doesn’t want to give up on him…but if it comes down to that she knows that she will find a way to endure. She will never stop fighting.

I almost regret reading this series as fast as I did, especially this last book! I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye to these characters. I loved how the author ended the story. By the end, Aoife had learned what she was meant to learn, she became what she was meant to be. But that didn’t mean the war was over. The Storm is just beginning, but Aoife is ready for it now. I loved how even this book was a bit open-ended. Not a cliffhanger, but open all the same. It was the perfect ending in my opinion. I absolutely loved this entire series.

There was even a good lesson in it. That though Aoife made mistakes (some very BIG mistakes), there can be no changing what has been done. This whole time Aoife has searched for ways to undo what she originally did in Lovecraft. But sometimes there are things that just can’t be fixed and we must learn to live, to endure, to fight whatever terrible things come as the price of such mistakes. It was an incredible ending that left me with shivers.

Excellent writing, phenomenal characters and settings and the perfect romance, the Iron Codex Series is definitely for fans of YA fantasy/dystopia/romance novels. I hate saying goodbye to these books, but they are definitely ones I will visit again in the future.

the mirrored shard

Coming Soon: She has been blood-kissed, stripped of her title as delegate and told by the boy she loves that they cannot be together…but will Dawn find the answers to all her questions and her problems in the bright city of Los Angeles? Look for my review of Blood-Kissed Sky, by J.A. London, soon!!


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