Like Fire & Ice

On her seventeenth birthday, Skye meets two mysterious strangers. One is dark, charming and wild, the other is fair, quiet and aloof. And with names like Asher and Devin, how could she not be interested in the two boys who suddenly seem to be wherever she is, tells her strange stories and seems to follow her every move. But their presence coincides with a series of strange events, all involving Skye.

A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies, was a compelling, fascinating story that sucked me in and held me until the very last page. Jocelyn Davies story can be compared to the beautifully penned Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick and the phenomenal Fallen series by Lauren Kate. Jocelyn Davies has brought to two very different, beautiful worlds that are almost impossible to choose between…almost.

Skye is a seventeen year old orphan who lives with her Aunt Jo in Colorado. She is a straight-A student, has two incredible best friends, Cassie & Dan, and a friend, Ian, who would very much like to be her boyfriend. Not only that, but she’s champion of her ski team, a sport she absolutely loves. But things are about to become very complicated for Skye. When Asher and Devin, two mysterious boys, come to her school everything changes. It seems as though she can’t go anywhere without them following her every move. Asher is dark and wild, the charming bad boy type who Skye can’t help falling for, but Devin’s, though quiet, and at times a bit cold, catches her eye and she can’t seem to get him out of her mind. As the description for the novel states so well, these two are like fire and ice.

But Skye knows that there is a bigger problem looming on the horizon for her. She is very close to discoverin exactly who–and what–Asher and Devin are. And what is is as well. A normal girl doesn’t feel the things she does. A normal girl doesn’t have eyes that change to bright silver. Soon, Skye finds out exactly what she is…and that she has a choice to make, that doesn’t just involve choosing which boy she’s in love with. The choice between them is so much deeper than that.

I absolutely adored A Beautiful Dark. Seeing everything through Skye’ eyes was perfect. We get to really connect with her emotions. Her confusion, her denial and her acceptance of something that should be impossible. Something she never could have imagined. I loved all of the characters in this novel. But what a love triangle! Definitely not your typical triangle. I adored Skye, Asher and Devin. I loved the tension and the mystery. I have read so many reviews about this and people saying who they want Skye to be with. My choice? Asher all the way. Not because I don’t like Devin, but let’s just admit it. Whenever an author brings the tall, dark, handsome, bad-boy personality into the story, doesn’t every girl fall for him? I honestly can’t see Skye with Devin, but who knows what the author has in mind? 😉

And what an edge-of-your-seat ending!! For anyone who loved the characters as much as I did, this has to be the biggest nightmare of a cliffhanger ending ever. I was desperate for the next book after I finished this one and couldn’t bear how long I’d had to wait until I got it! Now I’m dying to read the third and final book. I am very anxious to see where the author takes these characters and how she concludes this very complex story (which got even more complicated in the second book, just as a hint 😉 ).

Find out who Skye, Asher and Devin really are in A Beautiful Dark. If you love a good YA romance/fantasy, then you will definitely enjoy this novel!

a beautiful dark

Coming Soon: She has lost the one person who means everything to her…will Aoife travel beyond this world, even to the realm of the Dead, to get him back? Look for my review of The Mirrored Shard, by Caitlin Kittredge, tomorrow!!


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