Only Sunlight Will Save You

Dawn Montgomery is the new vampire delegate in Denver. After the death of her parents–the previous negotiators between her and the vampire, Lord Valentine, who rules over their city and orders them to donate their blood so the vampires will survive–Lord Valentine decides that he wants their daughter, Dawn, to be the new delegate. Because of this, Dawn’s life changes drastically. The people begin to treat her differently because she is now the go-between. But then a mysterious stranger named Victor comes crashing into Dawn’s life and everything gets ten times more complicated. For her, for her boyfriend Michael and for her best friend Tegan.

Darkness Before Dawn by J.A. London was…interesting. Vampires, a city surrounded by one huge wall to protect the people, a seventeen-year-old girl who negotiates blood supply…yeah, it was interesting.

I honestly didn’t know how to write a review of this book after I’d read it. The only other vampire books I’ve read have been the Twilight series and this book was very different. There was more of an emphasis on blood drinking which was creepy for me. But despite that, I did like the story. I enjoyed the characters, though I’m not sure I really felt ‘connected’ to any of them. There were moments when I felt like there was a lot of unnecessary explanation. Right in the middle of a scene where things were supposed to be really tense (like a chase scene) the author would pause for a moment to talk  about the city or describe a building that really had nothing to do with the circumstances the characters were in at the moment. It took away from the suspense of the moment, which is always kind of a bummer for me.

The development of Victor and Dawn’s relationship was intriguing. There is a little bit of a love triangle between Michael, Dawn and Victor which always spices up a story. I liked some of Dawn’s struggles, knowing who she should be with and not wanting to feel the things she felt for Victor. But, like all love stories, she can’t help herself. The mystery of Dawn’s brother also sped up the story a bit, kept me reading. There was a lot of mystery in this book when it came to that angle of the story and then when vampires, not people, start dying the story and the mystery really picked up.

So, it wasn’t one of my favorite vampire stories, but it was good. Lord Valentine was everything creepy and disgusting, Victor was everything hero-ish and maybe even a little guilt-ridden, and Dawn was a strong, feet-on-the-ground and just a little confused-in-love heroine. So if you like vampire books and don’t mind the blood stuff then you will probably enjoy Darkness Before Dawn.

darkness before dawn

Coming Soon: She has returned to Hickory Ridge to begin a newspaper, but brings with her all the fears and hurts of her past…he has come to Hickory Ridge to open a brand new resort, but is still struggling with the tragic memories of a past he refuses to talk about…will Sophie and Ethan be able to put the past to rest and discover God’s perfect plan for their lives? Look for my review of Every Perfect Gift by Dorothy Love, tomorrow!!


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