A Greater Gift

Carrie Daly lost her husband during the war. Her brother has married Mary Stanhope, a woman who is lazy, selfish and has raised two hellions for sons. Nate Chastain, the local bookshop owner, wants to marry her but Carrie still isn’t quite ready to set a date with the simple man. When Carrie has had enough of life with her new sister-in-law who doesn’t lift a finger to help around the homestead and who has taken over Carrie’s life as though Carrie’s only purpose was to serve her and her devils for children, she moves out of her brother’s home and tries to begin a new life. A new life that can’t help but have the drifter and newcomer to Hickory Ridge, Griff Rutledge, in it.

In the second novel of Dorothy Love’s Hickory Ridge Romances, Beauty for Ashes, two people, still changing from the struggles and twists and turns of life, are thrown together and discover that God has a greater gift in store for them if they just trust in His will and timing.

Carrie Daly wishes to find happiness and even love since the death of her husband. With the arrival of Ada Wentworth (Beyond All Measure, book 1 of the Hickory Ridge Romances) she began to learn what it meant to smile and laugh again. Carrie has come back into her own, out of the depression of mourning her great loss. But just as things seem to be getting back to the way they should be, her brother marries Mary Stanhope, the most impossible, lazy, self-centered woman in Hickory Ridge. Insisting that Carrie move into the attic so her sons can have her room, placing all household responsibilities on Carrie’s shoulders and letting her two brat’s for sons run wild, Carrie decides that she has had absolutley enough and moves into town.

Griff Rutledge is a drifter, a former member of Charleston society. But the only reason he’s come to Hickory Ridge is to retrieve the large sum of money owed to him by a new resident in town. Then he meets Carrie Daly, who he immediately becomes attracted to. When he is asked to train horses in Hickory Ridge, Griff accepts. Putting aside his plans to go to Australia for the time being, Griff decides to stay in Hickory Ridge for awhile, train horses…and get to know the lovely widow, Carrie Daly better.

Carrie is fascinated by Griff. But when rumors about his past begin to come to the surface and people start to warn Carrie against seeing him, will the attraction and blossoming love they feel between them diminish forever? Will the gossip of the townspeople pull Carrie and Griff apart or unite them, stronger than ever?

Beauty for Ashes was excellently penned by the amazing Dorothy Love. In it’s pages we find heartwrenching truth, deeply rooted emotions and soft, gentle urgings to God. Carrie is the epitome of a Christian woman. But she struggles with understanding why God has brought so much suffering into her life. But with their struggles, with the complexities of both their lives, Carrie and Griff soon discover that God has a greater gift in store for them.

Things quickly become even more complicated in Carrie’s life. Nate Chastain turns his back on her for a newcomer. Her brother Henry leaves for Chicago to find work. Mary Stanhope, alone and selfish as ever demands that Carrie return to the homestead and Griff begins to renew his plans to leave for Australia. Will Carrie lose him to his thirst for adventure as she fears? Or will she trust that God has a plan for her and Griff, no matter where he may…or may not…go?

I stayed up until 3 in the morning to finish Beauty for Ashes! It is that good and definitely worth the read.

beauty for ashes

Coming Soon: She has returned to Hickory Ridge to begin a newspaper, but brings with her all the fears and hurts of her past…he has come to Hickory Ridge to open a brand new resort, but is still struggling with the tragic memories of a past he refuses to talk about…will Sophie and Ethan be able to put the past to rest and discover God’s perfect plan for their lives? Look for my review of Every Perfect Gift by Dorothy Love, soon!!


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