Infinite Wisdom, Power & Love

A prophet of the Infinite who dies silver-haired has failed. Ela Roeh of Parne knows this when she accepts the vinewood branch offered to her by her beloved Creator. She knows that becoming His prophet means she will die young. But to be without His voice, His presence, is to suffer. She would rather die then live the rest of her life without His voice.

In Prophet by R.J. Larson we are given a look into the life of a prophet of the infinite with a very realistic twist to what life for a real prophet of the scriptures may have been like. Deeply religious and emotional, we see through the lives of Ela of Parne and Kien Lantec what it should mean to love God and keep His commandments.

When Ela of Parne accepts the vinewood branch, offered to her by the Infinite, she knows that she will die a young prophet. For no prophet of Parne ever lived to be silver-haired. But Ela Roeh knows, after He speaks to her, that she cannot live without the Infinite’s voice. So she accepts the vinewood branch and so begins a long, treacherous journey. Prophet was a beautiful story of faith, perseverance, courage and love. Love of the Infinite, the one true God. Ela’s faith in the Infinite’s will is immeasurable, yet the author also showed us Ela’s faults. As a prophet, she was granted many gifts and guided by the Infinite, but that did not mean she never doubted. She would question sometimes, even beg the Infinite to change His mind, but in the end she knew that His will was best. Her doubts forgiven by His incredible mercy, Ela continued on.

Yet her troubles are far from over. Accompanied by her little sister, Tzana, her ‘Unfortunate’ sister as some call her, Ela journey’s to the city of Istgard to tell the king of his doom. Prophet stirred my heart in so many ways. Ela’s strength in the most frightening circumstances, calling upon the Infinite even when she felt her courage failed her. It was a beautiful picture of faith and trust that we should all have for God. I believe the author created a character in Ela that everyone can relate to. Because as imperfect humans, we all doubt sometimes, even the most faithful of His flock. Ela can only be described as passionately faithful. She knows she should not question her beloved Creator, but at times she cannot help herself.

This was a beautiful story and well deserves five stars. It captivated me and I hated every time I had to put it down. One thing I wished the author had done was Kien’s coming to believe and trust in the Infinite. I wished that part of the story had been more powerful. I felt that it lacked something, as if flipping a switch. One minute he didn’t believe the next he did and that was that. It didn’t have the impact I was hoping for.

Very well written, with characters you grow to love and cherish and with a unique and heartwarming view of the Infinite, the one true God. R.J. Larson weaved a lovely tale of what it means to be faithful to God no matter the trials and heartbreak you may face. Prophet was phenomenal.


Coming Soon: Annie Kennedy comes to Boston after her father dies and prays for romance to fill her empty life…but when she falls in love with Steven O’Connor, her sister’s ex-fiance, she fears her heart will be broken. Look for my review of A Love Surrendered by Julie Lessman, soon!!


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