Breaking Dawn

Warning: If you have not read the books or seen the movies, then you may not want to continue. This revew contains spoilers.

Bella Swan has made her choice. She has chosen to marry Edward Cullen. But with marriage to a vampire comes a price. Because once she marries him and turns into a vampire herself, she will lose her friends and her family…she will never be able to return to the life she knew before.

And so we have reached the epic conclusion to Bella, Edward and Jacob’s story in Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. In this book we get a deeper look into Bella’s heart. While we have known all this time how much she loves Edward, that she would do anything for him, we have never really seen what she would do for someone else that she loves just as much…and yet, someone she loves in a completely different way than the love she hs for Edward.

Bella Swan is going to marry Edward Cullen, despite everything that has happened between her and Jacob. Despite her best friend’s obvious hatred for the vampire she fell in love with. She knows what she wants, and it’s to be with Edward forever. But her troubles are far from over. It is after the wedding (and the wedding night) that Bella faces a new dilemma. A new challenge, in which Edward doesn’t stand with her. Of all the vampires in the Cullen family, it is Rosalie who supports Bella most in this time. Because Bella has discovered that she is pregnant with Edward’s child…and her body is not compatible with the baby. But when Edward suggests getting the *thing* out of her, Bella couldn’t be more terrified, or more determined, to keep her baby alive and give birth to it. She knows that what is growing inside of her isn’t a *thing* she can feel that it is a baby and it doesn’t know that it’s hurting her.

Oh. My. Goodness. What else can I say? (Plenty actually 😉 )I stayed up till after 3 in the morning to finish this book. Breaking Dawn was, without a doubt, the best book in the whole series! It’s so true, a child changes everything. I remember when people used to talk about Breaking Dawn (most people hadn’t read the book, they were taking their opinions from the trailer of the movie which absolutely did *not* cover everything). They would talk about how *disgusting* it was because Bella was pregnant and the *thing* was killing her. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Breaking Dawn, but I was thoroughly surprised. From the moment Bella knew she was pregnant she had the thoughts and feelings every mother should have. Her baby, her ‘little nudger’ as she called the baby, was not a *thing*. It was her baby, her precious child. Her own little miracle.

Seeing things from Jacob’s perspective for one big section of this book was awesome! I loved seeing things from his point of view. Feeling what Jacob was feeling that whole time. He couldn’t understand what kept pulling him back to Bella while the child inside of her was unintentionally hurting her, would unintentionally cause her death. For some reason he felt this pull towards her, stronger than it had ever been before, and he couldn’t get away from her. He still couldn’t understand his purpose in her life, why he needed to be in her life. Especially now that it seemed there was no hope because Bella insisted on keeping her baby. Jacob’s thoughts and feelings in these moments, I felt were truly necessary when we find out what comes next. But I won’t spoil that for anyone who hasn’t read the books or seen the movies. I’ll never forget my mom’s face when she found out the whole reason for Jacob’s being there (it was priceless and I wish I’d had a camera, especially since my mom usually doesn’t care for vampire and werewolf stuff 😉 ).

One of the most heartrending moments of the book was when Edward realized that what he’d created with Bella wasn’t a *thing*, it wasn’t a monster. It really was a precious baby, *his* precious child that loved Bella, more than anything. That adored Bella and hated hurting her. That scene in the book was the most beautiful moment ever, even with Jacob’s anger coming to the surface because Edward is no longer on his side concerning the baby.

Bella’s love for her child was so beautiful. The way she fought for her, would never give up, was such a beautiful thing to read. And yes, the birth scene was very intense, but even while she was dying, writhing in pain, she was screaming for them to save her baby. Because Edward wasn’t her only reason for living anymore, her child was too important. She didn’t care if she died. If it meant her baby would survive, she’d gladly make the sacrifice. Once again, Stephenie Meyer put down on paper what is so hard to express in a novel! True and deep feeling. It takes a lot of talent to be able to write down in such detail how deeply a person loves, or hates, or fears. But Stephenie Meyer did it, and it was beautiful.

There is so much to talk about! This book was so big, so detailed! Bella as a vampire was a very interesting part of the story. Her gift to protect her family was amazing. But her passion for protecting her daughter was what got to me the most. I’m not sure I ever cried that hard, or that much, over any book. When Bella believed there was no hope, when she believed that they were all lost, she did everything in her power to find a way of escape for Renesmee. And at the moment she was certain it was coming to an end, my eyes filled with tears so much I couldn’t read the words. Saying goodbye to her daughter broke my heart and the tears fell. Even while I was crying I couldn’t believe I was crying. I mean, who would’ve thought? Me, crying over a vampire book! But it’s true. Because Stephenie Meyer made them real, she made Bella’s feelings real. She made *all* of their feelings real.

Also, I was very impressed with Stephenie Meyer’s writing once again. Everyone always gave me the impression that there was a graphic sexual scene in this book. I was SO misled. And everyone who said that must not have read the book and taken all their opinions from the movie. Because there was no such scene. There was nothing worse in this book than I’ve read in any other book that had implied scenes.

Yes, I gave Breaking Dawn five stars on Goodreads. Because if there was a 10 star rating, I would’ve given it ten stars. Breaking Dawn made me cry the most, laugh the most and smile the most at the ending. It was an incredible book (and I never thought I could read a 754 page book that fast either, took me a little longer than other books but still, faster than I thought I would read it! 😉 ). This book brought it all together.

All in all, the entire series is incredible! If you’ve not read these books and you love YA Fantasy novels, then you should definitely pick them up today! None of them are standalone, you definitely have to read from the first book to the last to understand everything. But it’s worth the time (in my opinion). 🙂

breaking dawn

Coming Soon: She’s been told her parents are presumed dead…but Alexandria Featherstone will not give up on her treasure-seeking parents that easily! Look for my review of The Guardian Duke by Jamie Carie, soon!!


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