When one has a migraine, one finds that they have a lot of time to sit on the couch and write blog posts. 😉 So, let us once again travel into the world of Bella Swan and her vampire and werewolf problems.

Warning: If you’ve not read the books, then you may not want to continue. This review may contain spoilers. 🙂

Edward Cullen has agreed to turn Bella into a vampire on one condition…that she marry him. As Bella struggles with whether or not she wants to commit to marriage (considering how her parent’s marriage fell apart), she also finds trouble with her best friend and werewolf, Jacob Black. What exactly does she feel for him? Is she in love with him? Or does she love him as a friend? But these soon become some of the least of Bella’s problems as a pack of newborn vampires head their way with one goal in mind…to kill Bella and anyone who stands in their way.

In Eclipse the phenomenal saga of Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black continues with riveting action and passionate romance. Stephenie Meyer penned a series that will stay with us for a very long time.

Eclipse was incredible. I loved Bella’s struggle with her feelings for Edward and Jacob. Stephenie Meyer made you love both of them almost as much as Bella does, it’s almost heartbreaking. One thing is for certain, Stephenie Meyer has great talent. I have NEVER read a book written in the first person that is so captivating and full of intense feeling as this series. Bella’s heart is on the page, it’s beautiful. One of the best things about this series is how different it is from all the other romances I’ve read. Yes, I suppose with vampires and werewolves involved it absolutely *had* to be different. 😉 But from all the books I’ve read where there was a triangle involved, this one was the most complicated, the most intense.

I never dreamt that Bella actually *loved* Jacob. Not in the same way she loved Edward. And while it was a different kind of love, she was still *in love* with Jacob. It was real, it wasn’t just the love one feels for their best friend. There really was more there, just like Jacob kept trying to convince her throughout the book. Jacob’s heartache, how deeply felt that is in Eclipse, made my eyes sting with tears. I couldn’t believe it.

Rosalie’s story brought tears to my eyes. How heartbreaking! However, it made me love her character all the more. To hear how desperately she’d wanted a child before she was turned, how sad the rest of eternity is for her because she knows she will never have that chance again, that it was stolen from her. To hear about Carlisle’s desperation, not wanting her life to end, but hating doing what he felt he needed to do to save her. You fully understand why she is trying to convince Bella not to go through with her plans to become one of them. Despite Roaslie’s coldness towards Bella previously, she became a very cherished character in my eyes. I didn’t look at her in the same way after reading this book.

Jasper’s story was also one of the reasons this book got five stars on my Goodreads rating. I finally found out his history in this one! Jasper’s struggle and the sadness of his story tugged at my heart. Stephenie Meyer made each of their stories unique, stating so clearly and with such conviction how none of the Cullens had really had a choice in whether or not to become a vampire and how they live each of their days doing the right thing, fighting for the good not the evil.

Bella’s view of marriage was also pretty realistic, considering her parents were divorced. Such a commitment can be scary and she knew that if she made it, it truly would be forever for her and Edward. With her feelings for Jacob so uncertain, you can understand why this proposal would confuse her. There were a few steamy moments in this book, but I really liked Edward’s resolve to wait until marriage (at least until the very end when he stated he was willing to do things Bella’s way and she ended up stopping him).

With plenty of action and heartwarming romance, Eclipse brings the saga of Edward, Bella and Jacob to a climax in preparation for the very last (and very long) book of the series Breaking Dawn. Though listed under Young Adult in genre, these books, in my opinion, could be for all ages.


Coming Soon: Bella will do whatever it takes to be with Edward…but when another precious person enters her life and heart, will Bella sacrifice her own life to save the life of the one she loves? Look for my review of the final book in the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer, soon!!


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