New Moon

Bella Swan has found the love of her life…a vampire named Edward. But when one little cut on her birthday nearly causes a member of the Cullen family to harm her, her heart is ripped apart by the very person she trusted with it most.

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer was the perfect sequel to Twilight. We see a new side of Bella when she’s faced with heartbreak and desperation. But comfort comes, for a while, in the form of her best friend Jacob Black, who we met in the first book.

After Edward leaves Bella behind, telling her that this is the last time she will ever see him and effectively ripping her heart out by making her believe he doesn’t love her anymore, Bella falls into a dark place. The only way she knows to see the boy she loves is by risking her own life. In near death, she can see his face. She’s reminded of his words to her at their parting. But even though he continues to ask her not to hurt herself. Not to do so many foolish things, she does them. It’s the only way she can see his face, the only way she can feel close to him again. Even with her relationship with Jacob blossoming into true friendship, or possibly more, she can’t let go of the mysterious vampire who claimed her heart.

While the lack of Edward in this one was the real cause for me to give the book only 4.5 stars on my Goodreads rating (I hate it when a major character is cut out of a book for so long, especially when he’s part of the romance angle of the story), I really enjoyed how the author brought Jacob more fully into the picture. I liked how she developed his character, not only as Bella’s best friend, someone she comes to love dearly, but also in his development as a werewolf (something else I knew was going to happen before I read the books. I guess I caught too many of the trailers in theaters when the movies were coming out 😉 ). Stephenie Meyer didn’t disappoint where style and quality was concerned either. I felt Bella’s heartbreak deeply in this book and thought that, being written in the first person, it was very well portrayed to the reader. Edward was her first love, her Romeo, and when he left her thinking he didn’t love her after all, it tore a hole in her chest that would never be healed.

But then came Jacob, who seemed to make things better, only to make the hole bigger when he disappeared from her life for a while as well. I liked Bella’s struggle with her feelings for Jacob, trying to figure out if she could make him happy, and if she could be happy, by being with him. When it seemed that Edward would never come back, Bella turned to him and almost decided that being with Jacob at least would fill up the hole in her heart and make the best friend she’d ever had happy as well.

Once again, I was completely hooked. New Moon was excellently written and kept me reading. Only slightly slow at times before it would pick up again. I missed Edward and the Cullens a lot in this story. While I’ve come to really, really like Jacob’s character, no one could replace the Cullens. 😉 When I first picked up the Twilight series, I never dreamed that I would eat them up so quickly! These are definitely the kind of books that can only go two ways. You can either love them so much you don’t want the series to end, or you can hate them so much you want to tear the book apart. I am among those who don’t want the series to end. Surprising considering all the different opinions of my friends (and the fact that I normally don’t care for the ‘human falling for vampire’ thing).

But I won’t deny it. I am totally hooked. I found these books intriguing and entertaining. While reading them, I had the distinct feeling that Stephenie Meyer was going to surprise me around every corner and she did. Especially when the evil Volturi came into the picture. They become a very big part of the rest of the series, but I don’t want to give too much away for anyone who hasn’t read these books yet (though I’m starting to believe that there aren’t many people out there who haven’t read them at this point 😉 ).

So yes, I’ve fallen in love with the Twilight series. Yes, it surprised even me. But what can I say? I saw something in the books and they captivated me. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you enjoy fantasy, vampires and werewolves…then you’ll probably really like the Twilight books.

Follow Bella in New Moon as she faces devastation after she loses Edward, shock when Jacob becomes a werewolf and then as she runs into the lions den to save the one she loves from certain death (did I mention the lions den is in Italy? :P).

new moon

Coming Soon: He’s come back to her and never wants to leave her side again…but her feelings for her best friend could stand in their way. Will Bella choose the vampire she’s in love with, or the werewolf she can’t get away from? Look for my review of Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer, soon!!


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