Angel on My Shoulder

Brielle returns home to Stratus, Oregon after a tragedy at school. Her dreams put on a shelf, she tries to go on with her life at home even though she’s weighed down each day with grief and guilt and a cold inside her that she can’t shake. But when she meets Jake, her life changes forever…

Angel Eyes, by Shannon Dittemore, was one of my most favorite angel stories. It warmed my heart and put a smile on my face. I have always loved books about angels and Shannon Dittemore gave a whole new, unique perspective on the heavenly realm. Brielle will never be the same after she sees the world through angel eyes.

Brielle comes home with a secret. She left the small town of Stratus, chasing her dreams and comes home defeated and changed. We don’t know what drives Brielle to this dark place, but the presence of her best friend who doesn’t return home with her is felt deeply throughout the book. But then Jake comes into the picture. Her new neighbor and the new boy in school, Jake has burning hands and an unbelievable gift that Brielle soon discovers. But there is something else waiting for her and Jake in the shadows. An evil that Brielle doesn’t anticipate.

Jake was mysterious and–lets just say it–hot…in more ways than one. 😉 He deals with his own issues while also being there for Brielle, who he, of course, falls in love with. But Brielle is going to find out his secrets, as stories usually go, and that opens up a whole new world to her. A world that she can now perceive…but in doing so brings a great evil down upon her and the boy she loves.

Angel Eyes was beautiful and compelling. Shannon Dittemore draws us in, first with Brielle and her mysterious past away from home and then with Jake and his secrets. There was so much about this book to soak in. I first picked up Angel Eyes because I remembered how much I enjoyed Frank Peretti’s angel novels (Piercing the Darkness & This Present Darkness) and was hoping for a different kind of angel novel. I got what I wanted, in every way! Shannon Dittemore created characters that you can love. They jump out from the page to you. She let you know them, their faults and their perfections alike. That is one of the most important things I look for in any book, love of the characters. I like to feel like I know them. Shannon Dittemore made me believe that it is possible that angels are all around us, watching over us and protecting us. I’d like to think there’s an angel on my shoulder, guiding me through life, wouldn’t you? 😉

Angels, demons…everything comes to a climax close to the end of this book and for a moment, we don’t know if Brielle and Jake are going to make it out alive. This was an epic angel-romance novel with spiritual elements woven throughout the story. I highly recommend Angel Eyes to anyone looking for a good Young Adult Christian Supernatural story.

angel eyes

Coming Soon: A girl whose fate is to go mad on her sixteenth birthday…the brother she loved, missing and asking for help far away…in a world of madness, iron and engines will Aoife risk everything to save the mad brother who almost killed her? Look for my review of The Iron Thorn by Caitlin Kittredge, soon!!


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