North & South

It’s a movie review today!! 🙂

Margaret Hale is a sophisticated young woman from the south. The daughter of a clergyman, she is happy in her home when suddenly her father decides that the best thing for his family is to move them from their beautiful home in the south to a house smack in the middle of a dirty northern town surrounded by cotton mills. Margaret and her mother are not at all pleased by Mr. Hale’s decision and Margaret is most certainly not pleased with her surroundings or the people she now has to live with, especially not the stern Mr. Thornton, the man who runs a local mill.

John Thornton’s childhood was a tragic one, especially when it comes to the circumstances of his father’s death. He’s a man who doesn’t take chances, no matter how certain a gamble might be. When the Hale’s come to live in Milton, Thornton quickly befriends Mr. Hale and endures the disdain of his daughter Margaret. But the longer he’s around the young woman who could obviously care less about him, the more he falls in love with her.

When Margaret puts herself in danger to protect John Thornton, everyone assumes that she’s fallen in love with him. But even thought he hopes, John Thornton can’t believe that such a woman as Margaret Hale could care for him. But nevertheless he’s going to make his feelings known…but what will Margaret’s answer be?

North & South is an amazing mini-series. Margaret Hale and John Thornton’s story was captivating, exciting and heartwarming. Margaret suffers much in this story, but it makes her an even better person by the time the story reaches its conclusion. She develops a friendship with Bessy, a young mill worker’s daughter who is terminally ill because of the cotton she inhaled working in the mills. My review certainly doesn’t do this mini-series justice. Once you start with episode one, you won’t be able to stop until you finish the last episode.

Now, here’s something to look forward to. I’ve yet to finish the book, so be looking for my review comparing the book to the movie! I’m looking forward to finishing the book and giving a comparison. 🙂

If you’ve not seen North & South than you’re missing out on a phenomenal story. I’d say it’s the best love story since Pride & Prejudice and that’s saying a lot! So stop wasting time and go watch North & South now!!!

Coming Soon: When the woman he loves puts his entire family in danger and causes a tragedy that sends him reeling over the edge, will Colton be able to forgive her and love her even more? Look for my review of Digitalis, by Ronie Kendig, soon!!


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