The Love of a Lifetime

Ada has loved deeply in her young life, only to have her heart broken. Now she finds herself alone, with nothing, leaving her rich life in Boston to be a companion to an old lady in Hickory Ridge, Tennessee. Little does she know that a life of happiness, contentment, yes and even love awaits her there. In Dorothy Love’s novel Beyond All Measure we are introduced to two people who believe that God has abandoned them, but who are about to learn that He never leaves us, even in our darkest hour.

Ada Wentworth only plans to stay in Hickory Ridge as Wyatt Caldwell’s aunt’s companion until she has enough money to establish a millinery shop. She finds Hickory Ridge to be a charming little southern town, but as a northerner, she knows that she could never fit in here, especially so soon after the war. Prejudice and anger over the loss the south suffered is still rearing its ugly head, and she knows that there could be more challenges in this town besides the dangerously handsome nephew and the headstrong aunt she is to be faced with every day.

Wyatt Caldwell is the local lumber mill owner and no doubt the handsomest, kindest man in Hickory Ridge. But when Ada realizes that he believes Providence brought her to town…and into his life…she shies away. How can she trust after all the hurt she’s been through? How can she let her guard down and allow another man into her heart? What if he betrays her, like the two men she loved most in her life already have? Besides, Wyatt has a dream of his own that doesn’t seem to leave any room for her millinery shop and is far away from Hickory Ridge and Boston both.

But will the wall around Ada’s heart keep her from finding the love of a lifetime?

Beyond All Measure was a heartwarming journey of love, faith and trust. As Ada not only struggles with her feelings for Wyatt and the town’s disdain for anyone coming from the northern states, she also befriends a young orphan girl named Sophie who is shunned by the townspeople because one of her parent’s was a negro. Ada’s kindness towards the negroes is repaid with hatred from the townspeople, a hatred that places Ada in danger.

Will Ada open her heart to Wyatt? Or will she leave as she always planned, turning her back on the man who loves her and the God who loves her more?

I loved this story, and it definitely deserves five stars! 🙂

Coming Soon: Lizzie has always loved Brady and dreams of a happily ever after that will come right out of one of her novels…but Brady is determined not to love the young woman he’s thought of as a little sister since she was just a girl. Look for my review of A Passion Denied, by Julie Lessman, soon!!


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