Former Navy SEAL Max Jacobs can’t control his anger after returning home from active duty overseas. But it’s his anger that is pushing his wife, Sydney, away. In Ronie Kendig’s amazing novel, Nightshade, we go on a journey that eventually leads us to faith and hope.

Sydney Jacobs is afraid of her own husband. Max is no longer the man she married. Yes, he always had a temper, but this is worse. But even as she gets her restraining order and eventually plans to file for divorce, her heart is breaking. She knows that her Max is still somewhere deep down inside of him, but she can’t live like this anymore. She loves her husband, she doesn’t want to give him up, but what choice does she have? Even when she discovers that she’s pregnant, how is she supposed to entrust Max with her life as well as their child’s?

Max is devastated when Sydney files the restraining order and a petition for divorce. But then a mysterious man appears and makes him an offer. He’s putting together a group, recycling veterans like Max into a black-ops group known as Nightshade. Max, in need of purpose, he answers the call of duty and joins the group where he discovers friends from the least likely of places. Comrades in arms that become his brothers. They’d do anything for him, and he for them. But even as the bonds form, and the team becomes a real and true team, trouble is lurking.

When someone makes a violent move against Sydney, Max nearly goes wild with rage. But then he discovers why this move was made. Sydney is the reporter trying to track down Nightshade. The only trouble? If anyone finds out about Nightshade then each member of the team’s lives are forfeited.

Sydney doesn’t understand the danger she’s put Max in, Max is furious at his superiors for trying to kill his wife–whom he doesn’t realize is pregnant.

When I first picked up Nightshade I wasn’t so sure I would like it. I love war related books and movies, but this one for some reason didn’t seem to grab me. Let me tell you, the description on the back cover doesn’t do this novel justice! Once started, I couldn’t stop. This book shows in full force the bond between brothers in arms, the love that binds a husband and wife together no matter what and the great sacrifice of missionaries overseas suffer just to bring the truth of God’s love to a pagan nation. To say that this book was amazing, is an understatement. It was phenomenal!

When the team is called upon to rescue a missionary family from a rebel infested jungle, Max is forced to make a choice. The missionary family or his wife, who is miles away and catching up with Nightshade? Will Sydney and her unborn baby live to see the change in Max? Will Max give up his place on the team just to save his wife? Will he let go of all the anger inside of him…for love?

Nightshade is a must-read, no doubts about it!

Coming Soon: Charity is determined to get the man of her dreams…unfortunately he’s decided to hate her forever. Look for my review of A Passion Redeemed, by Julie Lessman, soon!!


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