Petticoats & Cattle Don’t Mix

Crystal Clark is looking for a fresh start and a change of scenery. A real southern belle, Crystal leaves Georgia behind to visit her aunt’s cattle ranch in Colorado. But the last thing she expects is to come face to face with a handsome foreman who thinks she should turn around and go right back where she came from. In Maggie Brendan’s No Place for a Lady, we meet Crystal and Luke. Two people with the same degree of stubbornness that will try your patience…but make you love them all the more before the story comes to an end.

Luke Weber has no doubts that this ranch is no place for a southern belle like Crystal Clark. She’s too soft for this land, too much of a lady to survive out here. No, the west needs more women like April McBride, a woman who’s tough…in every way. Luke is determined not to let Crystal get in the way of his dreams, or in the way of the work on her aunt’s ranch. No, Luke will have his own place one day and April McBride is the key to getting that place. And it doesn’t matter how pretty Crystal Clark is, he won’t be distracted.

Crystal can’t stand Luke Weber. He’s stubborn and mean and she’s determined not to like him. Let him go off and do whatever he pleases, she could care less. She’s determined to spend some quality time with her aunt, but most importantly she’s determined to make it on this ranch, no matter what Luke says. But as her feelings towards the man begins to change, she finds herself shocked and strangle unnerved when Luke announces his engagement to April McBride.

April McBride is a nasty, hard-hearted woman who sees what she wants and takes it, no matter what. Her father’s the richest man around apparently and the spoiled woman is used to getting her own way. Crystal, however, is determined to act happy for Luke and April. But Luke strangely finds himself looking for a much different reaction from Crystal when his engagement is announced.

When tragedy strikes Crystal, she finds herself with a ranch in her possession and a foreman she despises to help her run it. A cattle drive is coming up and Crystal, against Luke’s will, is determined to ride along with the men to sell the cattle and save her aunt’s ranch. But Luke knows very well that petticoats and cattle don’t mix…the only problem is he’ll never convince Crystal to stay behind.

No Place for a Lady takes you on the ride of your life through the hardships of running a cattle ranch, to the trials along the cattle drive and finally ending you with a love story that makes you smile. Crystal and Luke’s journey together to discovering what God has in mind for their futures is truly a wonderful story. Along the way they both discover what’s really important and their feelings for each other begin to come to the surface as they drive the cattle to the market.

But, the question is, will Luke break his engagement to April? Or will his desire for a ranch of his own win out, binding him to a woman he doesn’t love for the rest of his life? And will Crystal return to Georgia, or remain in Colorado where she is most needed on the ranch…and in Luke’s life?

Maggie Brendan will have you racing to the end of this book, it’s that good. So what are you waiting for? Put No Place for a Lady on your must-read list right now!! 😉

Coming Soon: She’s running away from the pain of her past…he’s pushing forward towards a dream…will Wyatt and Ada discover what’s most important along the way? Look for my review of Beyond All Measure, by Dorothy Love, soon!!


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