She’s fallen in love with the bad boy of the neighborhood…but he’s determined to marry her sister. In Julie Lessman’s A Passion Most Pure we go on the biggest roller coaster in the world that eventually leads us to the truth of God’s love and the faith that we all should have.

How simple that title has to be. No, it’s not just because the female lead of this incredible book is named Faith, it’s because this whole book is about having faith. The kind of faith that is never shaken, no matter how bad the situation gets. And that, with great faith, at the end of the day love never fails.

Faith O’Connor has been in love with Collin McGuire for years. He’s brash, cocky and most certainly from the wrong side of the tracks. What’s worse, he’s forbidden by her father. So what is she to do, especially when she catches him kissing her sister in their backyard? Faith knows that her sister, Charity, doesn’t share the same faith in God as she does. But she knows that as much as she dislikes her sister, the only thing she can do for both her and Collin is pray for them…and pray for herself to have the strength to move on as Collin wheedles his way into her father’s good graces.

Collin is after the beauty of the O’Connor family. Charity turns heads walking down the street and in many ways Collin and Charity are very much alike. She’s the prize he’s always wanted and he’ll do anything to get her. Even pretend to be the kind of man Patrick O’Connor wants for his daughters. But there’s just one problem…and Faith O’Connor is her name. The woman who Collin has called ‘Little Bit’ since she was a small girl. Suddenly he starts seeing her in a very different way. No, she’s not as beautiful as Charity, but there’s just something about her….

As Collin’s feelings shift from one sister to the other, he tosses the O’Connor’s into a world of chaos that they could have very well done without. But, despite the fact that Faith’s dream is coming true and Collin is falling in love with her, another obstacle stands in her way…Collin’s lack of faith.

A Passion Most Pure is a book that will twist your heart–and your stomach–at the same time. But, the heart and stomach test are what tells me it’s one of the most incredible books ever!! From the first page you’re transported to 1916 Boston and you’re living Faith’s life. Her dreams, her aspirations…but most of all her heartache. Oh how I suffered with Faith while reading this book! I have read all three of the Daughters of Boston series and the first book of the Winds of Change series, and I feel as though the O’Connors are family. That’s how involved Julie Lessman makes you with her characters. That’s how brilliant her writing and her stories are. When you make a personal connection with the characters, you know you’ve just picked up one of the best books you’ll ever read. Faith’s struggles to stop loving Collin because of his lack of faith, and Collin’s struggles to accept the fact that Faith will never be his are heartbreaking situations. But Faith’s knowledge that she can’t change him, that only God can change him, is also a good lesson in life. Only God can change a heart and Faith embraces that in this book.

A Passion Most Pure gets steamy at times, but Faith’s trust in God and her belief in purity is beautiful. Charity’s lack of faith causes her to start down a road to destruction…but you’ll hear more about her in my review of A Passion Redeemed. 😉

So, now the question is, will Faith and Collin ever be together? Or will Collin reject Faith’s belief in God once and for all and continue on down the faithless road he’s been traveling for years? Now, why don’t you go find out? Believe me, A Passion Most Pure is one you don’t want to pass up!

Coming Soon: Charity is determined to get the man of her dreams…unfortunately he’s decided to hate her forever. Look for my review of A Passion Redeemed, by Julie Lessman, soon!!


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