The Heart Within

One of the things I love about Karen Witemeyer’s books is the way she describes her characters. In each of her novels, the female lead is different. They’re all unique in their own way with their own opinions and outlook on life. In her latest novel To Win Her Heart we meet Eden, a young woman who is against violence of any kind…but who falls in love with Levi, a young man who spent two years in jail for killing his opponent in a fight.

Levi Grant completes his sentence for the unintentional crime he committed in his youth and pursues a blacksmith job in a new town. New people, new places…no one knows who he is or what he did. He can start over. But he soon discovers that it’s not so easy to win the trust of the pretty, young librarian Eden Spencer. And it’s not as easy to live around her, especially with the speech impediment that holds him back from saying her last name.

Eden Spencer isn’t sure if Levi Grant is just stupid or rude. Either way, she wants nothing to do with the new blacksmith who’s come to the town her father founded. She can see for herself that he must be uneducated. And despite her insistence that he call her Miss Spencer, he only addresses her as Eden or ma’am and that’s something she can’t stand. But when Levi walks into her library and asks to borrow a book, Eden’s first impression of Levi starts to change.

Levi doesn’t know if he can win over the young woman who is quickly stealing his heart, but he’s willing to try despite her obvious dislike of men with violence in their past. Levi is determined to prove to Eden that the heart beating in his chest is pure and free of all violence. He can only hope that with God’s help he’ll succeed.

To Win Her Heart was a beautiful story and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. It’s definitely my favorite of Karen Witemeyer’s books so far. We watch as Eden struggles with her desire to stay away from men with a violent past and we watch Levi’s undying faith that God will show Eden that he’s a changed man. That violence, while it was in his history, is no longer a part of him. That he lives for God alone, to please Him and live according to His Word.

Eden’s faith is tested when the truth comes out. Levi’s love for her drives him to reveal everything that was bad about him before he changed. Eden has fallen in love with him, but she doesn’t know who she fell in love with. Is it the sweet, kind and gentle man who came into her library? Or the ferocious monster that he claims he was before he went to jail? Eden’s trust for him is shaken, and Levi fears he will never get it back.

Will Eden ever see past Levi’s past actions to the heart within him now? Or will she reject him once and for all and lose the only man she’s ever truly loved? Well, if you want to know you’ll just have to read it for yourself. 😉

Coming Soon: She needed a change in scenery, and got more than she bargained for…he’s going to marry a woman he doesn’t love in order to fulfill his dreams…will Crystal and Luke soon find themselves on a rocky path to love? Look for my review of No Place for a Lady, by Maggie Brendan, soon!!


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