An Unusual Courtship…Or Several

Morrow Little is haunted by the past. She can’t seem to shake the memory of the Shawnee Indians who came and murdered her mother and baby sister when she was five years old. Her heart also aches for her older brother, Jess, who was kidnapped by the raiders. Now, at eighteen, she is returning home after two years in Philadelphia with her aunt…but she never suspected what would be waiting for her in the Kentucke wilderness.

Courting Morrow Little, by Laura Frantz, was an excellent read with colorful characters and a strong lesson of forgiveness.

Morrow never suspected to come home and discover that her father was still friends with the Shawnee Indian and his son that they helped all those years ago. But she returns to find that the young boy she’d known years ago is now a grown man. Her bitterness towards them both because of their heritage blocks out her father’s teaching of forgiveness and love for their neighbors.

Morrow would rather be of the opinion of her friends who live at the fort near their home. However, she starts to realize that she prefers the company of Red Shirt over that of two men at the fort, each of who want her attention. Major McKie and Robbie Clay, two men who are undesired by Morrow, but two men who demand her attention.

But as her heart starts to change towards Red Shirt and his father, she discovers that it might be harder to be with the man she’s coming to love than she thought. With the threats from Major McKie and the proposal from Robbie Clay, Morrow needs to make a decision. Her father’s illness is worsening and he wants to see her settled and taken care of before he dies. And Robbie Clay has offered….

But Morrow doesn’t want to settle for less than love. She’d seen the relationship her parents had had, and she wants the same. So what should she do? Settle for second-best, or wait and see where her heart, and the Lord, leads her?

Courting Morrow Little was a sweet and simple story, yet it catches your attention and makes you want to know what happens next. Morrow and Red Shirt’s journey together in love and in the wilderness was very beautiful and rewarding. Morrow’s heart becomes a heart of forgiveness, just like her father’s and she knows that it is the only thing that will free her from the memories and the hate.

But she still wants to find her brother. It was her father’s last hope, that one day Jess would be returned to them. But with so many white prisoners being returned by the Shawnee, and with so many years since they last saw him…will it ever be possible?

I guess you’ll just have to find out for yourself. Laura Frantz wrote a beautiful novel when she wrote Courting Morrow Little, and it is definitely worth reading.

Coming Soon: Forced into a betrothal she never wanted, will Leah find a faith she never expected? Look for my review of The Centurion’s Wife, by Janette Oke and Davis Bunn, soon!!


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