Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season Two

So…how’d you like season one? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, if you liked season one, then you’re bound to like season two even more! Season two opens with new adventures and lessons that Dr. Mike and her three adopted children Matthew, Colleen and Brian continue to learn from. The life of a woman doctor on a frontier town is truly inspiring, especially after the townsfolk finally accept her.

In this season we see jealousy take root and nearly destroy relationships, the horrors of abuse, and the kidnapping of a beloved character. Sully and Michaela’s journey together as a couple truly develops in this season after a fateful trip to Boston makes them both realize how they truly feel about each other….

Season two opens with an episode that shows how prejudice can cloud a person’s judgement. The unnecessary death of a young man by the hand of Dr. Cassidy angers and frustrates Michaela a great deal because she knows she could’ve saved his life if Dr. Cassidy hadn’t stepped in her way with his prejudice against women doctors. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the last time that Dr. Cassidy came barging into her life and medical practice….

The arrival of a woman in town who travels in a wagon preaching that faith alone can heal wounds disturbs Michaela’s practice as well, especially when the people of Colorado Springs start to throw away their medicine, believing that their faith will heal him…and Matthew’s fiancee Ingrid almost dies because of it. (Guest stars Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash!! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

The supposed ‘rescue’ of a white woman from her Indian family causes a rift between Sully and Michaela when it becomes clear that this woman has fallen in love with Sully.

And the engagement of Myra and Horace brings out a rage in Hank Lawson that no one has ever seen before…and it soon makes the people of Colorado Springs realize just how they feel about the mean saloon owner.

Season two began a whole new journey in the life of Dr. Mike in Colorado Springs. In truth, the story has truly only just begun by the time this season ends. It leaves you wanting to move on right away to the next season, wanting to see Michaela and Sully embark on a whole new journey together.

The lessons learned and the morals brought to light in this season were very beneficial. Each episode tries to teach you something, each episode is a lesson in life.

Yes, this is my favorite television show yet! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I bet you’d like it too….

Coming Soon: The murder of her mother and baby sister, and the kidnapping of her brother has left Morrow haunted and bitter…but when her feelings begin to change, will she be able to finally put the past behind her? Look for my review of Courting Morrow Little, by Laura Frantz, soon!!


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