Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season One

And so begins the first review of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman!

The first season of a show is always the best…or is that the first movie of a trilogy? No, that’s the first episode of a season…no wait, that’s the first book of a series! Wait…is it all of them?

Maybe it is! I wouldn’t know, because each episode of Dr. Quinn was outstanding. It’s no wonder the show is so well loved. Dr. Quinn gives us reality in the 1870’s on the screen. It follows the life of a woman doctor who is rejected by the people because of the career she chose for herself. The show battles prejudice and teaches that all men were created equal.

The tolerance issue in the show can be a little annoying at times. This show developed Michaela Quinn into a woman who accepted and at times embraced other religions. The show definitely stressed the issue of accepting all kinds of beliefs, that tolerance is the only way for people to live together in peace. It didn’t hold true to one religion and at times made you believe that maybe the Cheyenne spirits really were real, etc.

The pilot episode that began the show was the best episode in Season One, in my opinion. It introduces us to the characters and draws you into the story without even the least bit of struggle to keep awake. It’s intriguing, a woman doctor traveling from Boston to live in a small, country town in Colorado Territory. Though Michaela Quinn looks the part of an elegant city lady, she has an iron backbone and adjusts well to the rustic life led in Colorado Springs.

But making the people believe she really is a doctor is only her first challenge. Her second comes when her dear friends Charlotte leaves her children to Michaela upon her death. So begins Michaela’s challenging role of mother to two young teenagers and to a small, stubborn boy who isn’t even in school yet.

But the pilot wasn’t the only episode that grabs you. Michaela’s relationship with the handsome mountain man, Sully, only begins in the pilot. It develops as the season goes on and it doesn’t take long to realize that these two are definitely falling in love. But, as with all romances, love takes time. Especially since Sully still hasn’t fully let go of his dead wife and baby. And Michaela herself struggles with letting go of her fiance, David, who died in the war.

This season plunges forth into the beginning of an incredible journey.

 Michaela Quinn, a lady doctor and her friend Myra who works at the saloon. Horace Bing, the man who sees passed what Myra is and loves her for who she is inside. The mean saloon owner Hank Lawson who does have a soft spot somewhere in that hard heart and the barber Jake Slicker. Grumpy Loren Bray and his sister Olive Davis who run the mercantile. The blacksmith Robert E and the woman he wants to marry, Grace.

Kid Cole–played by Johnny Cash–the lawman. Cloud Dancing the medicine man and Black Kettle, the chief of the Cheyenne tribe. Bloodthirsty General Custer. Ethan Cooper, the father who abandoned the children Charlotte left to Michaela upon her death.

The search for the cause of mercury in a local creek that is causing people to become sick. The medicine show that roles through town selling medicine that is more liquor than medicine. A tale of a white buffalo who protects the buffalo herds from harm. An operation that could cause a young boy his life.

This show has it all! And if you think you’re going to enjoy the first season…then wait until you read my reviews on the other five!! 😉

Coming Soon: She ran away to hide from her past in a gatehouse…he came to the estate to impress and win the woman who rejected him…but when their paths cross feelings begin to bloom between them. Will he be able to look at her the same way after he knows the truth? Look for my review of The Girl in the Gatehouse, by Julie Klassen, soon!!


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