Ready or Not!

Millicent Fairweather was happy as a nanny to two dear little girls. But when, for reasons unknown, the girls’ father decides to send them off to boarding school Millicent is without a job. So, she decides to journey with her sister and brother-in-law, Isabelle and Frank Quinsby, to America. But she never counted on meeting widower Daniel Clark, becoming a nanny for his son…and ending up married to him!

Once again Cathy Marie Hake kidnapped me and sent me on a beautiful adventure into a ready or not situation! In her novel, Whirlwind I saw two people forced to come together when neither was expecting or prepared for it…and slowly fall deeply in love.

Millicent and Daniel’s story begins on the ship called Opportunity as they journey across the seas to America. After his nanny deserts him, he searches in steerage for temporary help. He finds the outspoken Miss Fairweather and is somewhat surprised by her energy and unique child-rearing techniques. But her constant devotion to his son win him over.

When tragedy strikes and the only way for Millicent to get into the state is if she’s married, Daniel and Millicent make a whirlwind decision that will change their lives forever.

Daniel’s goal was to start over in Gooding, Texas and run his own mercantile. He never dreamed that he and Millicent would be sharing the business together. Love is certainly not in this contract…at least, not yet.

This story was just as captivating as all the rest I’ve read by Cathy Marie Hake. She draws you into the story and holds you there so you can’t stop reading until you’ve reached the last page. Millicent and Daniel got caught up in a whirlwind and neither expects love to come their way.

But sometimes love is slow in coming and that is what Millicent and Daniel begin to realize. There contract is forever…but do their hearts know that yet?

And do they have the faith and strength they need to push forward in their relationship and make a good life for Daniel’s son, Arthur? And what about the two young girls that Millicent left behind?

When things become complicated, even from an ocean away, will Daniel truly win Millicent’s heart with a decision that could alter their lives even more?

Find out! Read Whirlwind  as soon as you can!!! 😉

Coming Soon: A widowed viscountess…a handsome actor…and a murder that brings them together. Look for my review of The Mermaid in the Basement, by Gilbert Morris, soon!!


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