Something New….

Greetings everyone! 😉

I thought I’d give you a little news flash so to speak, about something new that I’m starting. You might have noticed the new addition to my ‘What has Erica Watched?’ page. Yes, I’m going to be writing reviews of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman the complete series! It’s one of my most favorite television series and I just couldn’t resist writing reviews for it.

But how will I do that, you might ask? Considering that there are six whole seasons. How am I going to review every single episode individually? It would take forever!!

Well, you’re right, it would take forever. That’s why, instead of reviewing the episodes one at a time, I’m going to review the seasons. That will only take up six posts! 🙂

Now, how am I going to do that? I’m glad you asked. 😉

It’s really simple. Most seasons of a series have some episodes that really stand out, ones that truly mean something or leave an impression on me. So, I won’t be mentioning every single episode in the posts about the season, but I will bring up good points about certain episodes and I will point out any moments that might seem inappropriate to some and not-so-inappropriate to others.

So, I hope you look forward to seeing my reviews of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman very soon!!


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