A Step of Faith

Rachel Boyd is determined to fulfill her husband’s dream by making her failing ranch a success. With the help of her sons, Mitchell and Kurt, Rachel does her best to run the ranch. But when her situation seems dire, she’s forced to put her trust in Rand Brookston, Timber Ridge’s doctor…and a man she wants to avoid as much as possible.

In Tamera Alexander’s concluding novel of the Timber Ridge Reflections series, Within My Heart, we learn that love and trust can be found in the most unlikely of places.

Rachel knows all she needs to know about physicians. After all, her father was a physician and he certainly wasn’t a faithful sort. So why should any other physician be any different? Rachel has always known physicians to be arrogant, self righteous men. Why should Rand Brookston be any different? No, she knows that it’s best for her to keep her distance from that man.

When Rand first came to Timber Ridge, there was only one woman who ever attracted his attention. And that was the widow, Rachel Boyd. However, she has made it perfectly plain to him that she wants nothing to do with him. But, when one of Rachel’s dearest friends, Ben Mullins, experiences heart failure both Rachel and Rand are thrust together because of their knowledge of medicine.

Ben’s story is a sad one. I don’t want to give too much away, so all I’m going to say is that this novel was so beautifully written that, by the end, I felt as if I knew Ben and loved him the way Rachel did. These characters were more to me then just names in a book. Tamera Alexander made these characters come alive, just as she’d done with the first two novels of this series. It was amazing.

Rachel and Rand’s story has only just begun. Several things have already occurred to make Rachel want to be as far away from Rand as possible. Though these occurrences were innocent, Rachel doesn’t see them that way…at first. As she and Rand get to know each other better while helping Ben and Lyda Mullins, things start to change.

Rand’s obvious affection and concern for Ben start to make the stone wall around Rachel’s heart crumble…and that was a wall she’d vowed would remain strong, never to be brought down after Thomas’s death.

But, Rachel’s troubles have only just begun. It seems impossible for her to keep the ranch. She’s taken out another loan and she doesn’t know for certain that she could repay it. Not only that, but her youngest son, Kurt, has been acting up lately. His misbehavior at school and at home are distressing Rachel. She truly feels that she’s lost her youngest son.

This book was just as good as the first two. Absolutely amazing! Fantastically written, Tamera Alexander draws you into the story so well that you can’t stop reading until you’ve finished it. I completed this book within a day, and I must say that it was so worth it!

Within My Heart teaches a beautiful lesson. That not everything is according to our experiences. Rachel judged Rand because of her father, something that she shouldn’t have done. He’s turning out to be so different that Rachel’s heart is warming to him.

But Rand has secrets of his own. Past secrets that he knows will change Rachel’s opinion of him. Nothing scandalous…but he knows that if he tells her what his worst fear is she will think him a coward.

Can both of them take a step of faith, even though they’re scared to death?

Coming Soon: She has longed for adventure and excitement and when she meets him she thinks that it, along with passion, has come her way…but when they are taken captive by the Indians, her fire starts to dwindle. Look for my review of Wind Dancer, by Jamie Carie, soon!!


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