Second Chances

Dr. Molly Whitcomb feels as if she’s lost everything because of her indiscretion. She made a wrong choice, and she doesn’t deserve forgiveness from God or man. But, when God offers her a second chance, Molly takes it. The only problem are the lies she carries with her as the new schoolteacher in the small Colorado Territory town, Timber Ridge.

In Tamera Alexander’s novel, Beyond This Moment we are taught a beautiful lesson of forgiveness and love. Not only that, but we start to see the hearts of supposed ‘Christians’ who don’t know what it means to forgive another for past sins.

Molly Whitcomb is all alone…and pregnant. She made a wrong choice. A very wrong choice. And she knows that it could change her whole life. People don’t so easily forgive a woman who gets pregnant out of wedlock. No matter how they claim to be loving Christians, Molly knows. And she doesn’t expect God to forgive her either. But, after her indiscretion, it seems that the only thing God has done is bless her. She can’t understand that.

The moment Sheriff James McPherson saw Molly Whitcomb he knew that there was more to her then met the eye. But the sheriff is having a hard time keeping his thoughts in check. The new schoolteacher in Timber Ridge is quite beautiful and the instant attraction between them is strong.

Molly knows that any relationship she could have had with James is destroyed because of the choice she made with Jeremy Fowler. But she can’t help that she’s falling in love with him. However, she’s determined that their relationship will remain strictly friendship. James, however, has other plans.

But as Molly’s secrets start to unravel, as do James’, Molly knows that soon she’s going to have to leave Timber Ridge…and never come back.

Beyond This Moment was all about how God gives everyone, even people who commit the worst sins, second chances. There’s no question about how much God loves us, how much he loved Molly in this story. He offered her a second chance and she was glad to take it. She just never imagined all the blessings He had in store for her along the way.

The book covers a very important day for Colorado. The Territory became a State in this book, which was interesting to read about. Timber Ridge celebrates together and it’s just another opportunity for Molly and James to grow close to one another. However, Molly knows that the happiness they share won’t last much longer. She needs to tell James about the baby that’s growing inside of her.

James has secrets of his own, but even his sister, Rachel Boyd, doesn’t know about them. He hasn’t even confided in his best friend Daniel Ranslett about the secret he’s kept for years after his father died. How can he? But he knows that his secret could very much change his relationship with Molly. She might look at him differently…and he doesn’t know if he can take that. Not with the way he loves her.

Molly knows that James will look at her differently when he learns the truth. As she knows that LuEllen Spivey will do everything in her power to destroy her if the truth comes out in town. LuEllen has made it quite clear that she wants her niece Judith Stafford to marry James McPherson and she does everything she can to discourage the relationship between Molly and James.

This book was just as amazing as the first in the series, From A Distance. Tamera Alexander wove a story of faith, forgiveness and love. This was definitely a winner in my book. Beyond This Moment proved something that I’ve known for a long time. While people are easy to forgive others of the little sins, they’re not so easy to forgive someone of one big one.

But isn’t that what the Lord did? Molly came before the Lord repentant and He forgave her. Unfortunately, the people of Timber Ridge are unlike God in that respect. Unfortunately, a lot of people today are unlike God in that respect when a woman with a broken past tries to come to Church, repentant.

But, the question now is, will James be able to forgive Molly? Will Molly be able to stay in Timber Ridge? Or is it too late? Was their love not strong enough to deal with these truths? I guess you’ll just have to read Beyond This Moment and find out.

Coming Soon: All she wants is to fulfill her husband’s dream…or so she thinks. But when Dr. Brookston makes a choice for the good of a patient, Rachel feels the stone wall around her heart beginning to crumble. Look for my review of Within My Heart, by Tamera Alexander, soon!!


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