From Innocence to Experience

It’s a Classic!

Catherine Morland is a girl with an overactive imagination. Caught up in reading gothic novels, she starts to see life through her books. But, the one problem is, that the things you read in books doesn’t always happen in real life. And Catherine is in a lot of danger of getting herself into trouble by viewing the world through the gothic novel.

Jane Austen’s novel, Northanger Abbey is one of my favorite Austen novels! Definitely worth the read and, on top of that, you yourself learn a great lesson from Catherine and her friends.

Catherine needs to get out of her world of imagination and realize that things aren’t as they are in novels. But, the trip she takes to Bath doesn’t seem to be the perfect solution after all. Thrust into a world of sophistication, greed, loves and lies, Catherine still can’t see what’s real from what’s fiction. Especially not from siblings John and Isabella Thorpe, who claim to be her friends.

She meets the handsome and charming Henry Tilney and his sister Eleanor, finding true friends in them alone. But, Catherine’s imagination still doesn’t abate and, when she goes to stay at the Tilney’s home, Northanger Abbey, her curiosity about Henry and Eleanor’s stern father heightens. She starts to imagine deep and terrible things about him that could, in the end, bring trouble on her and her budding romance with Henry Tilney.

Northanger Abbey was a good lesson in separating fact from fiction. Catherine thought too much of her novels. She thought that, what happened in a book was very much like the real world. She couldn’t separate the two. She wanted life to be like the gothic novel. Only, when she went from innocence to experience, things weren’t all that she imagined they would be.

This is definitely one of Austen’s finest novels! If you’ve not read it, then you should. Especially if you’re a Jane Austen fan.

Coming Soon: She made some wrong choices and is paying for it…but when God offers her a second chance and she takes it, will the people, and the man she’s starting to love, be able to forgive her for her indiscretion? Look for my review of Beyond This Moment, by Tamera Alexander, tomorrow!!


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