The Snowflake

Living with her brother who is going mad, Ellen Pierce doesn’t think that there’s anybody in the world who could or would really care about her. Not God, not man…no one. She has spent the whole of her life taking care of others and received very little love in return. But then she meets Buck…and everything changes.

In Jamie Carie’s novella, The Snowflake we are introduced to a character who has lost much, including her hope, but who becomes a new creature in Christ through the love and faith of a man who has also lost a piece of his heart.

Buck Lewis is determined to seek revenge for his wife’s death. During a skirmish in Alaska his wife was shot in the middle of the street and the men who did it ran off, never to be caught or seen again. Buck, however, has a lead. He is determined to find these men and bring justice down on their heads for the death of his wife…but when he meets Ellen, his determination to run off starts to waver.

Ellen Pierce never wanted to go to Alaska in the first place. And when the ship that’s taking them there gets caught in the ice, there’s only one thing they can do…continue on foot. And Buck is going to lead them! Ellen knows that her brother, Jonah, who is on the edge of total madness, is capable of anything…and she truly believes that the farther into this personal darkness he goes the more chances there are that he might kill her one day. But she pities her brother.

One moment he is all rage and violence, the next he’s a crumbled heap of tears and helplessness. Ellen doesn’t want to give up on him, but she’s not sure she can take this much longer.

Buck sees the way Jonah treats his sister…and he hates the man for it. Ellen deserves so much better. She’s beautiful, intelligent and determined. She’s the kind of person who could survive out here in the Alaskan wilderness. She’s the kind of person who could fight the cold and starvation that is coming their way on this perilous journey…but Jonah isn’t.

The Snowflake was another one of Jamie Carie’s brilliant stories! There was a moment when I was a bit startled. Ellen discovers at one point that her friend, Kate, runs a brothel and that she–Ellen–is being housed in it! The discovery of this took me a bit aback. There was nothing graphic, just one thing that is said by the author that brings Ellen’s attention to what is going on in the place that sort of made my eyes widen. It was unexpected. Not too serious, but you might want to think about it before you consider reading the story.

Other than that, it was a great book! I truly believe you would enjoy it. Like all of Jamie Carie’s novels, this one was a beautifully written story of faith, trust and love.

Ellen’s searching for God’s love in the middle of losing everything and wondering whether or not Buck will seek revenge for his wife’s death, or keep his promise to come back to Ellen by Christmas, will keep your eyes glued to the pages!

Coming Soon: When a young girl with an overactive imagination is thrust into a world of sophistication, greed, love and lies…will she be able to keep her imagination under control, or will she fall hard and break her own heart in the process? Look for my review of Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen, soon!!


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