In a Single Moment….

Veronique Girard has lived in Paris her whole life and she doesn’t want to leave. Even though her mother’s dying request was for her to go off to some strange place called Willow Springs, in the Colorado Territory across the ocean to find her father, Pierre Girard, Veronique finds fear holding her back. But, what she didn’t realize, was that Arianne Girard left her no choice in the matter…and in a single moment, with a single act from her mother, Veronique is thrust into the biggest adventure of her life!

Tamera Alexander’s novel, Remembered was one of the best novels I’ve read in the long time!!

Veronique Girard is pretty much disgusted by Willow Springs when she first arrives. It’s dirty, smelly and completed unlike everything she’s used to. Unfortunately, she has a lot to learn about the way people look at each other in the place like this. Though she was a companion for a fancy, rich family in France, she doesn’t realize that station isn’t really considered here. And her mindset upon first arriving is to look at pretty much everyone as beneath her. This, in the end, gives several people the wrong impression of her.

However, her purpose here is to find her father, and that is something she’s determined to do. Unfortunately, it involves traveling to mining towns where beautiful women are scarce and lonely men are plenty. This could become extremely complicated…and dangerous. But she’s loved her father since childhood, and she only has scattered memories of him. She’s determined to find him.

Jack Brennan’s heart has finally healed. Fifteen years after the death of his wife and son, he’s ready to move on. So he gets a freighting job in Willow Springs. He’ll freight supplies up into the mountains to all the mining towns. But, when he goes to the livery to see his freight wagon…he discovers that it’s been bought by someone else! Angry, but willing to negotiate with the new owner, Jack returns to the hotel…and meets a gorgeous, young Frenchwoman who is staying in the room right across from his.

The thing about Veronique is that she looks younger than her thirty-one years. Unfortunately, this makes the very attractive Jack Brennan look at her like she was much too young for him. Veronique is used to people mistaking her for a much younger woman, but it does get frustrating after a while.

And what makes matters worse between them…is that the new owner of the freight wagon is Veronique!! She needs that wagon to get up to the mountains to find her father…and she needs Jack Brennan to take her there!

Remembered was a beautiful story. It teaches you several lessons as well. Veronique learns something from the little town of Willow Springs. She went into that town acting like she was above everyone else there…and she found herself being humbled by the simple, kind people who lived there. She also learned that she really can’t do everything by herself. Jack is right when he says that the men in those mining towns could get nasty.

There were a couple of parts while Jack and Veronique are visiting the mining towns that could be a little awkward. Tamera Alexander never went into any sort of details, of course, but there were moments when it’s mentioned that the men said things that embarrassed and frightened Veronique. Not only that, but the things said made Jack become ten times more protective of the woman beside him.

Other than that the book was very clean and beautiful. Veronique learns that, maybe God didn’t just bring her here to find her father. Not only that, but she learns that maybe God didn’t bring her to this place to find her father at all…maybe He, in His wisdom, brought her to Willow Springs to find a different kind of love.

The kind that only a man like Jack Brennan can give.

I would definitely recommend this book to you! It was packed with faith, love and hope. Veronique and Jack go on a daring adventure to find a man who no one has heard of before, and whether they are successful or not…that’s for you to find out!!

Coming Soon: Forced onto reservations, the Indians hold tight to a new prophecy…that a messiah will come and deliver their people out of the hands of the white men. Look for my review of Into the West Part 6: Ghost Dance, soon!!


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