No One’s Perfect….

When Ruth Caldwell tries to live up to her mother’s expectations as to how a young lady should act her results are less than impressive. With her clumsy ways, it seems that the chances of her ever being letter perfect are, well, slim to say the least. Now she’s off to Folsom, California to claim find her father and claim her inheritance.

In Cathy Marie Hake’s novel, Letter Perfect, it is proven to us that no one’s perfect…but that doesn’t mean that they’re completely hopeless.

When Josh McCain sees the green eyed beauty step off the train he’s speechless. But he’s also worried. This girl could take everything that he’s worked for away from him with the snap of her fingers. She has a rightful claim to the Broken P Ranch…to his family’s ranch! What if she decided just to take everything as her own? He doesn’t like the idea of this clumsy, yet beautiful, little woman taking everything that’s been his.

But Laney McCain, Josh’s younger sister, has always wanted and needed a female companion. And Ruth is the perfect answer. Not only that, but Laney opens up to Ruth about a secret that she’s been keeping and Ruth is doing her best to help Laney in every way she can…and keep it a secret from Josh.

Not only that, but Laney is in love with her neighbor, Galen O’Sullivan, and Ruth decides that it would be fun to try to play matchmaker as well….

Sparks fly between Josh and Ruth, and not all of them are romantic. But when Ruth’s ‘accident’s’ start to take a sinister turn and are going beyond her normal ability to be clumsy and careless, Josh starts to worry.

Could Ruth’s life actually be in danger? Is someone trying to get rid of the woman he’s beginning to fall in love with? And if so…Josh has to decide exactly which side he’s on.

Letter Perfect was the first book of Cathy Marie Hake’s that I read, and I must say it was the perfect beginning! This book only made me want to read even more of her novels! It was funny, romantic and suspenseful as well.

If you love all of these categories, then you would adore Letter Perfect!!

Coming Soon: In the Colorado Territory, far from her home in France, she searches for the one man she’s loved since childhood…her father. His grief finally healed, he’s ready to start fresh…but he never expected the gorgeous Frenchwoman who marches into his life! Look for my review of Remembered, by Tamera Alexander, tomorrow!!


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