Breaking Free

There simply wasn’t a better title for me to use then the one chosen for this book. Lauraine Snelling wove a beautiful story of breaking free of past mistakes and burdens to the realization that God has opened up a new life in all of us, here and now. Breaking Free is the perfect example of this.

Maggie Roberts has spent the last ten years in prison for a tragic accident that wasn’t supposed to happen. Burdened down with grief and shame over what she’s done, the chance for her to be free again calls out with hope. With several of the other prisoners she is offered the chance to work in a Thoroughbred racehorse program before she is completely released.

While working she is introduced to the horse called Breaking Free. This abused blood-bay gelding lashes out at anyone who tries to help him. When Maggie learns he’ll be put down if he can’t be controlled, she is determined to save his life. After all, no one and nothing is beyond hope.

But when the horse takes to young Eddie, a boy with some problems that keep him from walking, Eddie’s father’s shows signs of adopting Breaking Free. And Maggie fears that she will be separated from the one thing that is keeping her on her feet.

Breaking Free was not only a story of how, with gentle love and care, a horse can learn to trust again. But how with gentleness, love and care another human being can also be reintroduced to trust. Not just for others…but for themselves as well. Maggie learns this, especially when Eddie’s life is suddenly thrust into her hands and she has to take a risk that could get her into trouble again.

If you are a horse lover, like me, then you would most definitely enjoy this book. I always have had a soft spot for abused creatures, and this book made me want to help Breaking Free as much as Maggie did. And you might also enjoy the romantic twist between Maggie and Gil–Eddie’s father–as well. 😉

Coming Soon: Pregnant and recently widowed, Annabelle knows she must get to the home Jonathan had waiting for her in Idaho…but she never expected that the man who hates her most would apply for the job of guiding her there. Look for my review of Revealed, by Tamera Alexander, tomorrow!!


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