Miss not Mister!

When Lady Sydney Hathwell left England, she had done so to see if marrying Rexall Hume was indeed right for her. But when she arrives, she discovers that, not only does he not remember her name, but he also intends to keep a mistress even after they’re married! Sydney cannot abide the thought, so she sees only one way out. She must go live with her uncle…who thinks she’s a man!

Cathy Marie Hake’s novel, Fancy Pants was incredibly entertaining.

Sydney Hathwell never intended for her uncle to think she was a boy, but because of her name (which could be for a boy or girl), her uncle automatically thought she was his nephew! Afraid that he will turn her away when he finds out she’s a ‘miss’ not a ‘mister’, Sydney cuts her hair to her shoulders, dons men’s clothes and heads off for Gooding, Texas.

When “Big Tim” Creighton sees the slip of a boy heading towards Forsaken Ranch, he is horrified. Of anything that his boss was expecting, Tim knows he wasn’t expecting this little weak pup that showed up at their door. But, Tim is determined to make a man out of Syd yet, and he knows just how to do it too. Syd will work on the ranch like all the other hands. Tim will turn that boy into a man yet.

Sydney never expected things to go so far. She hadn’t intended to keep up the guise this long. Now she’s in a bad situation. She has needed to seek help from the local women in the town brothel so that she can bathe without worrying that one of the men will walk in and discover her secret, her uncle’s housekeeper has discovered the truth and…Sydney’s falling in love with Big Tim!

Tim knows there’s something terribly strange about Syd Hathwell. His knowledge of female ways are quite disturbing and the fact that Syd visits that brothel so often puts Tim on edge…he now knows for certain that Syd isn’t a Christian.

Sydney never did think much of religion. But she certainly isn’t as immoral as Big Tim thinks she is. However, how can she let him know that without revealing her secret?

Fancy Pants was funny and heartwarming. Sydney’s journey was amazing, especially when she gives her heart to Christ. That is the most beautiful part of the whole story. And Tim’s journey of faith and letting go of the past is wonderful as well.

Will Sydney have the courage to stay in Gooding when her secret is revealed? And will Tim forgive her for her deception? Find out! Read Fancy Pants as soon as you possibly can!

Coming Soon: Death runs rampant in the west…the Indians ride out to meet Custer…and their children are about to be forced into a new and strange life. Look for my review of Into the West Part 5: Casualties of War, soon!!


4 thoughts on “Miss not Mister!

    • Glad you’re enjoying my reviews!
      How was it awkward for you? I think I might know which parts you were talking about, but I’m just curious… 😉 God bless and Merry Christmas!

  1. Sorry for not getting back to you quickly. Compared to secular books this one is very tame so the few scenes I found “awkward” are not a big deal or anything. When Big Tim is teaching her to walk or when he finds that Sydney is a girl are really the scenes I’m thinking of. I love Cathy Marie Hake’s books and this one is adored too!
    God bless you.

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