Let the Sparks Fly!

Taylor Bestman is a young doctor who moves to Gooding, Texas in the hopes that she can start her own practice with the acceptance of the community. Karl Van der Vort is a blacksmith whose faith has been shaken by a tragic event in his past and who doesn’t approve of a woman doctor. When these two people collide, sparks fly, but it only takes one certain spark to ignite an eternal love.

In Cathy Marie Hake’s novel, That Certain Spark, you will find one of the best historical/religious/romance stories out there.

Enoch and Taylor Bestman move to Gooding, Texas together. Brother and sister are hopeful for their futures in this new place, but while the townspeople are find with Enoch as their veterinarian, they don’t approve of the fact that Taylor is a woman and a doctor. And when Karl Van der Vort is injured in his smithy, he becomes Taylor’s first patient against his will.

Taylor and Karl’s stubbornness could get in the way of everything. Sparks fly between them, but at first they’re not the romantic kind. Their difference of opinion on the subject of Taylor’s doctoring skills puts a rift between them at first, even though Karl can see that she is very talented. But how could it be that Taylor was destined to be a doctor?

Taylor only wants to make a place for herself in Gooding. She loves being a doctor, but the prejudice of the people against her are keeping her from having any patients. They’d rather go to a quack doctor instead of coming to a woman.

In the meantime, Enoch has experienced love at first sight. He’s fallen in love with the widow who owns the boardinghouse. Mercy Orion and her daughter, Heidi, both fall in love with Enoch. And Enoch tells Taylor that she’s the woman he’s going to marry. Sure enough, he does just that, but their joy in the match is soon turned to fear as Mercy becomes ill….

In the meantime, Karl can’t help softening towards Taylor. They’re both starting to see the good in each other, despite their stubborn ways. And when a new spark flies between them, they both know what it is.

That Certain Spark was an incredible journey of faith. The subject of a woman becoming a doctor has always been tricky. The idea of a woman becoming a doctor has always been a subject for conversation among Christians. I don’t believe it’s a form of feminism. If a girl is truly called to help people, to heal people, then I believe God gives her the talents to do just that. And if she has a strong foundation of faith, then that will sustain her and help her from putting her career above her family.

Taylor and Karl’s journey together was amazing. If you like historical/religious fiction, then you’ll love That Certain Spark!

Coming Soon: Margaret has spent most of her life denying her mother’s heritage…Clara has run to relatives who don’t want her for help…The annihilation of a people is at hand. Look for my review of Into the West Part 4: Hell on Wheels, soon!!


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