The Light of the Stars

Scarlett is a young woman, widowed and pregnant. She leads a desolate life as penance for not being the kind of wife she’d wanted to be for her husband. But, one night while visiting her husband’s grave, she meets a young man whose passion for the heavens and faith stirs something in her heart.

Jamie Carie’s novel, Love’s First Light, was phenomenal! Set during the close of the French Revolution, we get a glimpse into the life of a young man whose family was brutally taken from him and a woman who was married to one of the men responsible for it.

Christophe, the Count of St. Laurent, has been left alone. Filled with guilt for losing his young sister, Emilie, after the murders of his parents and brother, he hides out in an abandoned castle in Carcassonne. He never expected to meet the beautiful widow, Scarlett. As the two become friends, something more blossoms between them. Christophe’s heart has not felt so light in quite a long time. He is joined in his study of the stars by Scarlett and together they form a bond that neither one has ever felt towards anyone else before.

But Christophe is dealt a terrible blow when he learns that Scarlett’s husband was married to a relative of Maximilien Robespierre, the man responsible for the murder of Christophe’s family. Heartbroken and angry, Christophe goes into a rage. He wants to kill. He disappears from Carcassonne and makes his way towards Paris.

Scarlett knows that something terrible has happened. Closing in on the time when her child will come, she too decides to go to Paris, in the hopes of finding Christophe. But when they get there, she goes into labor and  her search must cease. She begs her sister, Stacia, to go find the man she loves. But the chances of Stacia finding Christophe in Paris before the baby is born seem so slim….

With faith, hope and love, Christophe and Scarlett will conquer their fears…and discover what really happened to Emilie those years ago when he lost her that terrible, dark night that murder was committed in his home.

Love’s First Light was an amazing story! These two people were tangled up with men who were trying to cleanse France by killing. Scarlett was helpless when it came to such things, and Christophe’s thirst for revenge for his family was out of her hands. But with faith, he can conquer the feelings raging within him.

And what happened to Emilie you ask? Well, dear reader, you’ll just have to find out for yourself!!

Coming Soon: A young woman, desperate to find her father…a man driven mad with the lust for gold…a family in danger of breaking apart. Look for my review of Into the West Part 3: Dreams & Schemes, tomorrow!!


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