Child of Darkness

Her father didn’t want her. Her mother was used. They went from place to place. Her mother died…and Sarah was sold into a life of prostitution at age eight. Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers was more powerful then any novel I have ever read.

Our main character’s name was changed to Angel and her life was destroyed when she was eight. Her mother died and the man they’d been living with gave her away to an evil man who called himself Duke. Angel has lived a life of prostitution since that young age and it tore her up inside. It made her bitter and angry. But worst of all, the life numbed her to any sort of feeling. She doesn’t believe in love anymore. She doesn’t believe that any man could truly love her.

But when Michael Hosea shows up at her room in the brothel and doesn’t take from her like all the other men who come to her and steal another bit of her soul and heart, she’s curious. But he also angers her. Why is he stalling? Surely he didn’t come here for any other reason…but every time that he leaves he asks her to marry him.

Michael doesn’t know why the Lord guided him to this place. But when he saw Angel on the street for the first time, he was sure that the Lord spoke to him. That the Lord told him that this was the woman he was meant to be with and take care of for the rest of his life. He doesn’t know why God would choose this woman, who is so scarred, to be his wife. But he knows that there must be a good reason. But, unfortunately, Angel keeps turning down his offers.

When Angel is brutally beaten, Michael returns and decides that this is it. He’s going to take her away. She agrees to marry him on a whim, she doesn’t even see the ceremony, she’s so weak and hurt.

Angel wakes up in a small cabin and smells something cooking. When she opens her eyes, she sees Michael standing by the fire. Then she realizes what she’s done. She’s bound herself to a man! Something she never wanted to do. Now she’s trapped in a marriage! But surely, he doesn’t really want to be married to her. Surely, when she gets better, she’ll just leave the ring he gave her with him and go back to what she always was, what she’s been…what she still is.

But Angel doesn’t know Michael. She doesn’t know what he has planned for their life. She doesn’t understand that Michael’s faith is such that he truly believes God brought them together and that their marriage will thrive. That he will truly love her until the end of their days.

But Angel doesn’t feel anymore. She is completely numb. Can Michael open her heart again? Can he show her what it means to feel to…love?

Redeeming Love made my heart cry. Angel’s journey was so long and hard. Michael’s faith was so strong, but his own struggles tore at him. Angel carries a lot of baggage with her, and Michael doesn’t understand why God chose him to help her bear this burden. It is a burden for him as well. He never dreamed that the Lord wanted him to marry a prostitute. He always dreamed that the Lord would send him a beautiful, pure young Christian woman. Why did He bring this woman into his life?

This book was filled with sins and redemption. Especially when Michael’s brother-in-law, Paul shows up. The relationship between Paul and Angel sickened me. Even when Michael seems to be getting through to Angel, Paul looks on her with contempt and wishes that she would just disappear out of Michael’s life so he can have a better life with a girl like his neighbor, Miriam.

When Angel too decides that Michael deserves something better she takes the first step in love and faith…and does the most sacrificial thing anyone could do for love.

This book was incredible. It gives you a look into the life of a girl who was brought into such a horrible industry as a child. It shows you what women went through and what some women still go through from the time they are children. Angel’s life, her heart and her soul were torn apart. But God still loved her so much that He sent her a man who trusted Him and believed that even a girl as far gone as Angel could change and be redeemed.

Angel was a child of darkness…but God did not abandon her. And, through Michael, He would give her a gift. The gift of redeeming love.

This book is not for someone who is sensitive to the subject of prostitution. This book was strong, not graphic. But if you are too convicted to read about something so terrible, or if it just upsets you, then this is probably not the book for you.

This novel is one of the best I have ever read. It will stay with me forever, and I will always cherish the lessons learned in this book.

Redeeming Love made me feel the true assurance that God would never leave me nor forsake me. That, no matter how bad your life gets, He’s always there, ready to pick you up when you fall.

Coming Soon: Her husband disappears and is believed dead…but when he returns, will he ever muster the courage to reveal to her who he really is? Look for my review of Rekindled, by Tamera Alexander, soon!!


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