It is a Truth Universally Acknowledged…

Just Jane, by Nancy Moser was a beautiful account of Jane Austen’s life. Written in the first person, we begin with Jane sitting at her desk by a window, watching her mother tend the garden outside. She has just started writing the most beloved novel Pride and Prejudice, and the names of the five sisters pop into her head by the end of the first chapter.

This book draws you right into the life of Jane Austen. It was taken from real life events of Austen’s life, diaries, etc. Most everything is factual, and the fact that it was written in first person, as though Austen herself had written it, made you feel like you knew her yourself. Nancy Moser had a wonderful idea when she chose to write this novel.

I love all of Austen’s novels. Each one in and of itself is beautiful, and there’s always a happy ending. But when you look at Jane Austen’s life, you realize just how sad it was. This wonderful author wrote about girls who ended up with the men they loved, but she herself wasn’t to experience that kind of happy ending.

I loved the way this story was put together. Being a fan of Jane Austen always helps, of course, but this gives you a look into her life and makes you feel like you were really there. You could say it was a more personal biography. You felt like she was talking to you, telling you the story herself. That made the novel all the better.

This book is definitely for anyone who can’t stand dry biography’s, but wants to learn about Jane Austen’s life. This is a very fun way to learn a few of the facts and feel like you know the author when you sit down to read Pride and Prejudice or Northanger Abbey or Sense and Sensibility.

So, if you love Jane Austen’s novels, then this is definitely a book for you!!

Coming Soon: She has learned how to numb herself to feelings…but can one man who cares show her what it means to truly love? Look for my review of Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers, soon!!


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