I will Lift up My Eyes to the Hills…

There’s no one like Hope Ladley. She’s simple, sweet, tough and beautiful. She can’t read or write, but she has a faith like a mountain and she trusts the Lord to lead her down the right paths.  In Forevermore, Cathy Marie Hake created a character who is a beautiful example for all of us.

Based around Psalm  121, Forevermore tells the story of Hope Ladley and Jakob Stauffer.  Hope goes from farm to farm in Texas, helping whoever needs her for as long as they need her. But she always ends up moving on.  She never stays in the same place, she’s never put down roots. But when she rides onto the Stauffer farm, something tells her that this is it. That the Lord brought her here for a very special reason and He wants her to be here.

Jakob Stauffer is a widower with a little girl to look after and, besides that, he’s hiding his pregnant sister from her abusive husband.  When Hope Ladley rides onto his land and offers to help his sister out by cleaning, doing laundry and cooking, Jakob agrees.  He never dreamed of the whirlwind he was letting into his house. And he never thought that sweet Hope couldn’t read or write.

As their relationship blossoms, trouble heads their way. Annie’s husband is coming for her and her only hope is Jakob and Hope to protect her. In the mean time Hope learns something about Emmy-Lou, Jakob’s young daughter, that brings distress to Jakob. Hope doesn’t know where this is all going to lead her, but she knows that the Stauffer family needs her…and she has come to feel for Jakob in a way that’s going to make it almost impossible for her to leave.

Forevermore is one of my favorite novels by Cathy Marie Hake. It was the third book of hers that I read, and since I’ve read three more. It was filled with faith and the story was formed around Psalm 121 so beautifully. It also helps that Psalm 121 is my favorite Psalm, of course. 😉

But truly, this story spoke of faith, hope and trust. Annie’s situation effected both Jakob and Hope, because they both loved her so dearly and would do anything to keep her from harm.

And Hope lived by the final words of Psalm 121, “The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in from this time forth, and even forevermore.”

Coming Soon: She has learned how to numb herself to feelings…but can one man who cares show her what it means to truly love? Look for my review of Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers soon!!


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