Only in Daily…

Well, we’re back! We are traveling back to our dear Mayberry lookalike town called Daily! Never Say Never, by Lisa Wingate, was my favorite out of all three of the Daily, Texas trilogy.

Kai Miller drifts from one place to another. Always has and fears that she always will. She’s never put down roots. But when a hurricane hits, Kai is forced to leave the place that she’d been staying and find refuge. On the road she comes across these three ladies who get stuck and need a ride. Kai picks them up in her van and soon finds out that their names are Donetta, Imagene and Lucy…and they’re from Daily, Texas!

Donetta thought that this vacation would be perfect. She and her two best friends were finally going to set out on that cruise and have a great time! Then the hurricane hit and they got stuck. Now this sweet young blonde has picked them up and offers to help them find a place of refuge.

They end up finding a place to wait it out with a whole bunch of families from a church. Donetta is curious about these people, because some of them might hold the answer to the mystery she’s been curious about her whole life. Her true past…about the man whose name her grandmother spoke right before she died.

When they bring the church folks to Daily, along with Kai, there are some in the town who don’t want the church people in town. And then love comes Kai’s way. She meets Donetta’s handsome nephew, Kemp Eldridge and gets smitten with him.

Like the other two books, the kisses were a little rushed. But this book had more of a faith aspect then the others. Lisa Wingate’s books got better as I went along. Never Say Never was a great book about never saying never, because we don’t know what God has planned for us. Both Donetta and Kai learn that lesson in this book and it’s wonderful.

Kai and Kemp have a bit of a love triangle when Kemp’s old girlfriend comes back to Daily. Kai doesn’t want to have a relationship with anyone who doesn’t put down roots, and with the possibility that Kemp could return to playing baseball and have to travel all over the place, Kai gets scared and bolts. She lived a life of moving around with someone who only cared about themself her whole childhood, she didn’t want to live with someone like that anymore.

But this just showed how little she knew about Kemp….

This book had a great romance and a great example of faith. Kai finds out that not everything is the way she thinks it’s going to be and that what she and Kemp has is something special. Something that won’t go away easily.

So, if you love a good romance and a simple faith aspect, then you’d probably like Never Say Never!!

Coming Soon: She moves from place to place with a heart full of faith and love, helping whoever needs her…but when she comes to his farm, will she finally stay…forever? Look for my review of Forevermore, by Cathy Marie Hake, tomorrow!!


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