The Face of an Angel…the Heart of a Devil

Emma thought the man who had the face of an angel loved her…she never realized just what kind of a heart he had. He takes pleasure out of suffering, and Emma pays the consequences for her choices. Angel’s Den, by Jamie Carie, is a story of love, hope and faith that tears your heart and twists your insides.

Emma Montclaire married Eric Montclaire and thought that maybe he did really love her. Maybe he did love the clumsy, plain 25 year old woman who came into his life. But her thoughts quickly turn from positive to negative when his true devilish nature rears its ugly head. Eric takes pleasure in her suffering. Physical abuse rules their house and Emma’s world. She can’t get out of it…unless she takes her own life.

When Eric decides to take the trail that Lewis and Clark took a few years earlier, Emma thinks that she will finally be free of her abusive husband for a time…until he announces that she’s going with him. All hope shattered, Emma knows that nothing will stop her husbands ways. She doesn’t even know the depth of his depravity. Even with all he’s done to her she never suspects that he’s seeing another woman….

Luke Bowen is a cartographer and will be accompanying Eric and Emma on their little expedition. But there are so many things that Luke doesn’t understand. Why has Mr. Montclaire insisted that Emma accompany them? And what is the shadow that surrounds Emma? Why does she look so haunted? Something is not right here, and when Luke saves Emma from going overboard, his suspicions arise against Eric and a sudden sense of protection flows forth towards Emma. He doesn’t want to see her hurt.

But she’s a married woman. And Luke’s loving Emma has to stop. He knows this. The struggle is deep and hard, because Luke truly has come to love quiet, frightened Emma. But Emma doesn’t really know what love is anymore. Luke’s faith is tested as he fights the love he’s come to bear for her, because loving Emma means breaking God’s commandment of ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’.

Emma has no faith. She doesn’t know how to have faith or trust in anything. Her journey to faith is slow, but strong. Luke’s gentle strength helps her through. But when Eric’s evil schemes come to light, and his past crimes come to Emma’s attention, it’s too late for both Emma and Luke to escape the path of lies and murder that have come their way.

Now, only God can save them….

Angel’s Den was a powerful, faithful book that tore at my heart and brought tears to my eyes. This is the fifth book of Jamie Carie’s that I’ve read, and her writing just gets better and better with each novel. Luke’s gentle faith and Emma’s dire situation suck you into the story until you can’t stop until you read the last sentence.

This book brought forth a struggle that I don’t think I’ve ever encountered in any other novel. The breaking of the commandment ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’. Luke loved Emma, a married woman. But his faith was such that he was able to fight it, and fight it hard, so that he would not go against God. It was difficult for him…very difficult, especially when he figured out how Eric was treating her. But his strength was such that it ignited inspiration in my heart.

Luke’s faith is the kind of faith that every man should have. His strength should be an example to all men. He was faced with the worst kind of scenario. He was in love with a married woman who was being abused by her husband. Some men would justify their love by saying that the woman’s husband was treating her badly and he stole her away from him because he would never treat her like that. But Luke knew better. He knew that there was no excuse. He could not steal Emma away, even if she was willing to go with him. Obeying God came first. It was a beautiful lesson.

This book was heartbreaking and full of faith. Emma’s situation was so horrifying. So many people can’t understand it. But this book not only showed us what faith in God can do, it gave us a glimpse into the life of an abused woman, who is too consumed with fear to speak up and tell everyone what’s been happening to her. This situation was not uncommon then…and it’s not uncommon now. Abuse is a terrible thing, and it still goes on today.

If you have not read Angel’s Den, then I would definitely suggest that you do. If you are sensitive to certain implications, or to a plot line like this (where a woman is being abused) then perhaps this is not the book for you.

But this story will stay with me forever, and I will always cherish it. It was powerfully written, and it made me want to have the kind of faith that Luke had and that Emma found. Angel’s Den is my favorite Jamie Carie novel yet, and it is definitely worth reading!

Coming Soon: She never dreamed that a hurricane would land her in a Mayberry look-alike town where love was patiently waiting for her…Look for my review of Never Say Never, by Lisa Wingate, soon!!


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