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It’s time to return to Daily! In Word Gets Around, by Lisa Wingate, we are introduced to Lauren Eldridge, a teacher who thought she’d left Daily, Texas for good. We also meet Nate Heath, who thinks that no second chance will ever come his way.

Lauren returns to Daily, however, when her father announces that their ranch could be at risk if the movie he’s invested in isn’t a success and he needs Lauren. Lauren is the best horse trainer that Daily has ever known, and she’s an amazing Horse Whisperer. Nate Heath is the writer for this film, and he has little hopes that it will be a success. The script is already a mess, and he just doesn’t think he can fix it the way the star of the film, Justin Shay, wants him to.

Justin Shay is in desperate need of rehab. Amber Anderson, a character we hear about a lot in the first book Talk of the Town, wants desperately to help Justin. We get the feeling through the book that Justin is actually a bit in love with the much younger Amber, but Amber is engaged to someone else and Justin tries to ignore that fact.

Like Talk of the Town the romance of the book was a bit rushed for me. It was one of those instant attraction things, but they were kissing way too soon in my opinion. Though this book did extend over a week (if I remember correctly) instead of just a weekend, I really don’t think that’s long enough for two people who just met to start kissing. I didn’t really like that and at one point Nate says to Lauren, ‘It was just a kiss’, like it really didn’t mean anything. I didn’t like that, because it pretty much proved that he was just attracted to her and couldn’t help kissing her. I was like, ‘Don’t you think you should wait till it matters?’

However, unlike Talk of the Town there was a more stable foundation of faith in this book, which I enjoyed. It seemed to me that Lisa Wingate’s writing got stronger in this book where faith was concerned and I was very happy with it. Each person learned a lesson by the end of the book, and Lauren’s guilt about the past finally starts to dissolve, and Nate’s idea that he will never have a second chance begins to abate.

All in all, I liked Word Gets Around a lot better then Talk of the Town. I especially liked the parts with the horse. Lauren’s gentle training of the frightened animal was great and since I’m a horse lover, this was the perfect book for me.

The method of Horse Whispering was interesting to read about and, after I read the book, I found myself researching the method on the internet. The book led to research and I always love a book that helps me learn something new.

So, if you like horses, quick romances, and a gentle foundation of faith, then you would probably like Word Gets Around! 🙂

Coming Soon: She leaves the east thinking that this is her second-best chance…but will she truly have to settle for second-best in the end? Look for my review of A Hopeful Heart, by Kim Vogel Sawyer, tomorrow!!


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