Secrets in the Lighthouse

The Lightkeeper’s Daughter, by Colleen Coble was an excellent book and an intriguing mystery. The book begins with Addie Sullivan living in a lighthouse with her widowed mother. During a terrible storm her mother brings home a hurt man who claims that Addie isn’t Mrs. Sullivan’s daughter at all, but that her real parents, or parent, is Mr. Eaton a very wealthy man in the town called Mercy Falls.

Addie is confused and intrigued. Could it be possible that she isn’t who she thinks she is? That she’s actually a very rich young woman, the daughter of someone who didn’t know she was alive all these years? Determined to find out if it’s true, she accepts Mr. Driscoll’s proposal that she go and be a governess to Mr. Eaton’s grandson.

When Addie arrives, she meets the handsome Naval Lieutenant, John North. Practically upon sight there is an instant attraction between the two and you get the feeling that they are experiencing ‘love at first sight’. That was the one thing about this book that I was a little uncomfortable with. Being attracted to someone is one thing, but for these two characters the ‘love at first sight’ angle was pretty strong, in my opinion. I felt that the love story was too rushed, they were too close too fast.

But the mystery that surrounds Addie and her heritage takes over and puts a slight damper on the relationship she develops with John. You find yourself wanting to know what happened to Addie’s mother, Laura. Addie remembers something about the night she was separated from her parents. She remembers there was a man who ‘tossed’ her off the ship and into a rowboat to safety. She believes it was her father…but was it?

John is worried about a man called Mr. Carrington, who takes a shine to Addie. In John’s jealous opinion it is more then just a shine, he believes that the older man might want to marry Addie! And that idea sets John’s teeth on edge.

But their problems don’t concern Mr. Carrington nearly as much as John thinks they do…in fact their problems and the answers to the mystery about Addie’s mother lie with a completely different person.

This book was entertaining, suspenceful and had a good romance angle. Addie’s faith in the Lord is strong. The Christianity aspect was good and Addie recognizes some of her own weaknesses as certain secrets are revealed. She recognizes where she falls and stops trusting God and tries to take over for herself. It was a good lesson and a great peek into the early twentieth century.

If you like Christian Fiction, a great mystery and a good romance, then you would love The Lightkeeper’s Daughter!!

Coming Soon: She is a picture of purity…but can she convince her husband that she is truly constant? Look for my review of A Constant Heart, by Siri Mitchell, soon!!


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