Mayberry Modernized

Okay, there’s something about spending a weekend in Daily, Texas. I have read three of Lisa Wingate’s novels, and each one is about a couple who fall in love in the Mayberry lookalike town called, Daily over the weekend. Talk of the Town was entertaining, yet disappointing for me at the same time.

Written in first person, Talk of the Town, begins with Mandalay Florentino, an associate producer for a TV show called American Megastar. Kind of like American Idol, they pick out singers who compete down to two people. Mandalay has come to Daily, Texas because it’s the hometown of Amber Anderson, the girl who is most likely going to win, or at least be runner-up on American Megastar and Mandalay has to organize a homecoming to announce that Amber reached the top ten.

Little does she know that Carter Woods is going to be there. A handsome man who she is almost immediately attracted to. But Mandalay thinks her life is already perfect. She has a big job, a handsome fiance and all will be well if she can just keep Amber’s homecoming a secret and keep Amber away from Justin Shay, a casanova actor. Amber’s upbringing in church makes all her friends in Daily believe she could never fall for the charms of Justin Shay, but Mandalay lives in LA, she knows a few things about what the environment can do to the nicest people.

Imagene Doll comes into the story in the second chapter. She is a widow who is lonely for her deceased husband, but takes an interest in Mandalay, calls her Amanda, and wants to help with Amber’s homecoming. Unfortunately, the homecoming isn’t a secret anymore and Mandalay is desperate that her boss, Ursula, doesn’t find out that the secret slipped. It could cost Mandalay her job.

Now, but to Carter and Mandalay. Both get a little flirtatious over this three day weekend and there’s no denying the attraction between them. When Mandalay breaks her engagement after finding out that her future Mr. Right, is really Mr. Wrong who is still looking to see if someone better comes his way, she finds herself free and Carter is still in Daily. Their first kiss is after knowing each other about 48 hours…wait! Back up!

They basically know nothing about each other and they’re kissing after two days?!?! This was where I was disturbed. Yes, the book was long enough that you were like, ‘Come on, you two should get to know each other better. I mean, you’re really right for each other and you’re obviously attracted to each other’, but really. Don’t overdue this thing. And I’m not talking about a quick peck on the lips. I’m talking about a kiss.

So that was really disturbing. And the whole Christianity aspect was very weak in my opinion. I was very disappointed in that way. Though I will say that the author summed it up nicely. At the end of the book Mandalay and Carter do agree that they need to get to know each other better and the moral of the story was that God brings people together for a reason and everything is in His hands because He has a plan.

So it ended pretty nicely and all in all it was entertaining. I did enjoy it, but it’s up to you to determine whether or not it’s your type of story. 😉

Coming Soon: A woman who is running away…a man with a secret…look for my review of The Silent Governess, by Julie Klassen, tomorrow!!


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