A Tailor-Made Match

Have you ever met two people who were so ridiculously stubborn that you said, ‘these two are perfect for each other’? No? Yes? Well, stubborn and stubborn don’t always work. But in Karen Witemeyer’s, A Tailor-Made Bride, it would seem that stubborn and stubborn were meant to be together.

We are introduced in the prologue to Hannah Richards, a young dressmaker who wants to open her own shop one day. Her rich client is dying, and decides to leave Hannah a small building in a little town called Coventry, in Texas. Unfortunately, J.T. Tucker had had his eye on that same building for a widow and her three children who are having trouble supporting themselves in the rundown place they live in.

J.T. condemns vanity, but Hannah values beauty and the sparks fly. J.T. is hard on Hannah and cold about her beautiful dresses that she wants to make and sell to the simple folks in Coventry. Hannah believes that God made us beautiful things so we could be beautiful. If He didn’t want there to be beautiful things in the world, then why did he give us all the colorful flowers? Why did He give us the beauty of the world? There is nothing vain about her. But because of J.T.’s hurtful past, he won’t let his eyes be opened to the truth.

When Hannah makes fast friends with J.T.’s sister, Cordelia, and makes the decision to help the young woman catch the man of her dreams, it could turn into total disaster. Both Hannah and J.T. have developed feelings for each other now, and J.T. doesn’t want to see Hannah hurt….

This book was entertaining, funny and had a firmer foundation of faith then some of the other books I’ve read. Hannah’s certainty that it was God’s providence that brought her to Coventry never falters, but when she first arrives J.T. doesn’t want to believe God could’ve meant to send a dressmaker to plain, pure Coventry. They both struggle with such things for a time, but both also turn to scripture and prayer for guidance.

Not enough books have enough of a faith aspect to them. But I found this one to be different, like several others that I will be reviewing in the near future. If you want to read a book that has laughs, a simple romantic theme and people who have a firm faith, then you definitely should read A Tailor-Made Bride.

Coming Soon: ‘It was as though I’d been dead my whole life and was suddenly alive….’ Look for my review of An Echo in the Darkness, by Francine Rivers, tomorrow!!


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